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Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Same-sex marriage Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: March 12, 2015
 The Surprising History of Homosexuality and Homophobia
people may becomes homosexual when there is a lack of the same sex attraction some of them are just “born” to be homosexual
ancients did not view gender as a determining factor of who should love or be married to who ancient view of homosexual sex as innocuous, harmless
it is not a big deal for them, it's as normal as childplay
homosexual relationships were widely acknowledged, not considered immoral or sinful but just a normal part of life adolescent males would be engaged in frequent homosexual relations until the time came to become fathers and husbands choose to get a wife and abandon their same-sex partner

hard choice, not that much remain with their same-sex partner for the rest of their lives during European Middle Ages, lots of poetry is about celebrating gay love homosexual sex was condemned by Levitcus did not seem to matter to the clerics of this period have a good picture of homosexuality from this period among the clerics and upper classes, but less so from the poor and working classes dawn of the 12th century brought with it an increasing fascination on order and uniformity both church and state began cooperation with each other to strengthen each other's institutions

Pope Says Church Is 'Obessed' With Gays, Abortion and Birth Control pope states that these topics don't need to be discussed all the time people should find a new balance otherwise the moral edifice will fall the pope has a big vision, he sees the church in the middle of the persons who need to be healed the words are likely to have repercussions in a church whose bishops and priest in many countries “Who am I to judge?”

Speaking of Homosexuality formed an ideology that some of...
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