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This project is about Human Resource Development that includes HRD System: Human Resource Planning, Training Policy, Training Budget., Training Needs Assessment System, Training & other Development Programmes and their evaluation, Strategies for improving HRD activities in the Organisation. 1) HRD Functions 2) Learning and performance 3) Critical HRD issues 4) HRD Strategic Role 5 ) Importance of Human Resource 6) Challenges of HRD 7) Training Needs Assessment System 8 ) Training and HRD Process 9) Diversity @ Workplace 10) Human Resource Audit 11) Assessment Center 12) High Performance Organization.

Sr.NoTopicsPage NO.
1Human Resource Development1
2HRD Functions2
3Learning & Performance3
4Critical HRD Issues4
5Sample HRD Jobs/Roles5
6HR’s strategic role6
7Definition of HR Roles7
8Importance of Human Resources8 to 10
10Training & HRD Process Model11 to 12
12Financial Compensation: Straight Salary14 to 19
13Diversity @ workplace20 to 24
14Human Resource Audit25 to 26
15Human Resources as a CSF27 to 34
16Assessment Centers35
17AC Vs DC36 to 42
18High Performance Organizations43

Human Resource Development

Definition of HRD
A set of systematic and planned activities designed by an organization to provide its members with the necessary skills to meet current and future job demands. Emergence of HRD
Employee needs extend beyond the training classroom
Includes coaching, group work, and problem solving
Need for basic employee development
Need for structured career development
Relationship Between HRM and HRD
Human resource management (HRM) encompasses many functions Human resource development (HRD) is just one of the functions within HRM Primary Functions of HRM
Human resource planning
Equal employment opportunity
Staffing (recruitment and selection)
Compensation and benefits
Employee and labor relations
Health, safety, and security
Human resource development
Secondary HRM Functions
Organization and job design
Performance management/ performance appraisal systems
Research and information systems

HRD Functions

Training and development (T&D)
Organizational development
Career development
Training and Development (T&D)
Training – improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes of employees for the short-term, particular to a specific job or task – e.g., Employee orientation
Skills & technical training
Training and Development (T&D)
Development – preparing for future responsibilities, while increasing the capacity to perform at a current job Management training
Supervisor development
Organizational Development
The process of improving an organization’s effectiveness and member’s well-being through the application of behavioral science concepts Focuses on both macro- and micro-levels
HRD plays the role of a change agent
Career Development
Ongoing process by which individual’s progress through series of changes until they achieve their personal level of maximum achievement. Career planning
Career management

Learning & Performance

Critical HRD Issues

Strategic management and HRD
The supervisor’s role in HRD
Organizational structure of HRD
Strategic Management & HRD
Strategic management aims to ensure organizational effectiveness for the foreseeable future – e.g., maximizing profits in the next 3 to 5 years HRD aims to get managers and workers ready for new products, procedures, and materials Supervisor’s Role in HRD

Implements HRD programs and procedures
On-the-job training (OJT)
Career and employee development
A “front-line participant” in HRD
Organizational Structure of HRD Departments
Depends on company size, industry and maturity
No single structure used
Depends in...
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