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Unit 23 –Human Resources Development

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Task: 1 Understanding Learning Theories and Learning Styles4 1.1 Comparing Different Learning Styles4
1.2 Explain the Role of the Learning Curve and the Importance of Transferring Learning to the Workplace9 1.3 Assessing the Contribution of Learning Styles and Theories when Planning and Designing a Learning Event11 Task: 2 Gaining Ability to Plan and Design Training and Development12 2.1 Comparing the Training Needs for Staff at Different Levels in an Organisation12 2.2 Assessing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Training Methods Used in an Organisation14 2.3 Using a Systematic Approach to Plan Training and Development for a Training Event16 Task: 3 Gaining Ability to Evaluate a Training Event17

3.1 Preparing an Evaluation Using Suitable Techniques17
3.2 Carrying out an Evaluation of a Training Event18
3.3 Reviewing the Success of the Methods Used in Evaluation20 Task: 4 Understanding the Government-led Skills Development Initiatives21 4.1 Explaining the Role of Government in Training, Development and Lifelong Learning21 4.2 Explaining How the Development of the Competency Movement has impacted on the Public and Private Sectors23 4.3 Assessing how Contemporary Training Initiatives Introduced by the UK Government Contribute to Human Resources Development for an Organisation.24 Conclusion25



Human Resource Development (HRD) is the studies and practices designed solely to develop the quality of a person and make him competent for a given job (Academy of Human Resource Development, 1998). This is a vast subject and contains many conceptual and practical knowledge and findings. Training and development is a part of the overall HRD and palys an important role in the quality building of the employees. In this brief assignment we are going to present different learning style and learning theories, the role of learning curve and the importance of transferring learning to the workplace. We will also present the need to training in different level s of an organization, the types of training methods and implications and effectiveness of the training methods. Then we will describe the way to be able to design a training program and evaluation process. And finally will conclude by stating the government’s role in training and development and particularly the steps taken by the UK government. In this assignment we describe pure concepts as well as its application in the real world. The asked criteria of evolution will be incorporated in due places.

Task: 1 Understanding Learning Theories and Learning Styles

Men’s comprehension capacity is different. They react differently in a same situation. That’s why the mode of learning varies from one person to another. In today’s competitive and challenging workplace learning events and training sessions plays an important role in developing and maintaining the quality of the personnel as well as the products or services provided by the organization (Academy of Human Resource Development, 1999). Practical and sound knowledge of different learning theory and learning styles have an impact on designing and carrying out an effective learning event. In the following sections we are going to describe and compare different learning styles, explain what a learning curve is and the role of the learning curve, the importance of transferring the learning to workplace and what role have a learning theory and learning style in designing a learning event.

1.1 Comparing Different Learning Styles

Learning is linked with the concepts of knowledge, skills, behavior, values and preferences. Learning can be defined as acquiring these things or modifying or reinforcing the previous acquisition of these things...

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