Hr590 Compensation Decisions

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HR590: Compensation Decisions

Your job now is to pull together all the information you’ve completed so far in class and make salary decisions for your team. You have completed Cathy’s evaluation and received assignment feedback. This is the first year that you’ve made salary decisions for this team. Be sure to carefully review the information provided. You may simply type in the cells as the text will automatically wrap. You are required to: 1. Enter Cathy’s appraisal rating (she is last on the list); 2. Within your budget dollars, make your salary decisions based on performance for your team taking into consideration their Salary Grade and the Pay Ranges identified for the Salary Grades (fill in the Salary Decision Column); 3. Within your budget dollars award bonus money (fill in the Bonus Dollars Column); 4. In the green line areas, provide your substantiation and risk analysis for the salary decisions made; and 5. Identify any items from this scenario in whole you may want to address.

Evaluation ratings are 1 = Needs Improvement to 5 = Exceeds Expectations Salary Budget: $9,000
Bonus Budget: $5,000

Company Designated Salary Pay Ranges
A2 = $12,750 – 17,000
A3 = 16,500 – 22,000
A4 = 21,000 – 28,000

Employee Information| Salary Grade| Current Salary| % at Pay Scale*| Appraisal Rating| Salary Decision| Bonus Dollars| John is a white male, 58YO, with 31 years’ service. John is a good worker and you like him. You don’t want to lose his skills and experience as he’s been talking about retiring, but you realize his skills are too valuable to lose. | A4| $27,900| 99.6%| 5| $2,200| $1,100| Substantiation and Risk Analysis: In an effort to retain John, I provided a 8% raise and a a bonus of $1,100. Hiring someone to replace John would be difficult as he has been with the company for very long, has a lot of experience in his position and is very skilled. John has an excellent appraisal rating. We are hoping...
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