Hr Selection & Placement

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Selection & Placement

Any organization that intends to compete through people must take the utmost care with how it chooses organizational members; these decisions have a critical impact on the organization capability to compete also the companies have to know that on the top of the legal price that may be paid by organizations that fail to make the best selection decision is the price they pay in term of economic competitiveness. Our purpose in this chapter to be familiar with ways to minimize errors in employee selection and placement and improve our company's competitive position in doing so we will focus on five standards that should be met by any selection method also we will evaluate several common selection methods according to those standards. The part one: Selection method standards:

There are several generic standards should be met in any selection process. We focus on five: reliability, validity, generalizes ability, utility, and legality. 1. reliability
on any selection method we want to measure characteristic of people to determine who will be accepted for job opining, and also we need to quantify people on these characteristic (assign number to them) so we can order them from high to low on the characteristics of interest. Once people are ordered in this way we can decide whom to hire and whom to reject. One key standard for any measuring device is its reliability we can define the reliability as the degree to which a measure is free from the random errors. True scores and the reliability of measurement

We can say that the reliability refers to the measuring instrument rather than to the characteristic itself. Because one never really knows the true score for the person being measured there is no direct way to capture the true reliability of the measure. The correlation coefficient is a measure of the degree to which two sets of numbers are related the correlation coefficient expresses the strength of the relationship in numerical form. The research shows that the correlation of overall ratings of job applicants' suitability for jobs based on unstructured interviews is very close to (0) thus no one can assume a measure is reliable without actually checking this directly. Standards for reliability

Regardless of what characteristic we are measuring, we want highly reliable measures (for ex. when it comes to measuring students' aptitude for college) this is difficult question to answer specifically because the required reliability depends in part on the nature of the decision being made about the people being measured. This is mean that no specific value of reliability is always acceptable; the more reliable the measures, the more likely it is that we can base decision on the score differences that its reveals. There are many ways to increase the reliability of a test, new technologies allow for the development of computer adaptive testing can generate highly reliable tests by tailoring the item sequencing and selection process differently for each individual that is with computer adaptive testing there is no standard set of questions that everyone takes.

2. validity
We define validity as the extent to which performance on the measure is related to performance on the job, reliability is a necessary but insufficient condition for validity. Criterion-related validation

One way of establishing the validity of selection method is to show that there is an empirical association between scores on the selection measure and scores for job performance. If there is a substantial correlation between test scores and job performance scores, criterion-related validity has been established. We usually use the correlation coefficient to assess both reliability and validity but the different is the correlation reflects a reliability estimate when we are attempting to assess the same characteristic twice, but the correlation coefficient reflects a validity coefficient when we...
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