Hr Practices in Nestle Bangladesh Ltd.

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Chapter 01

1.1. Introduction
As a mandatory requirement of the Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) program under School of Business at North SouthUniversity, this report entitled - “How SouthEast Bank gets Sustainable competitive advantage through successful disbursement procedure of credit." - is a connived depiction of the two month long internship program at the Network Services Center in Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. under the faculty-supervision of Mr. Junaid Khan, Business Faculty, North South University and organizational supervision of Mr. Md. Minhazur Rahman, Assistant Vice President, Credit Division. This internship program gives me the opportunity to come into close contact with the credit division employees of SEBL and how the organization implements all the processes. As credit division is the heart of any bank so I have got the precedence to prepare my report on this division. To make my report informative and effective I was trying to select a topic through which I can represent overall picture of the credit division. However, my work experience and learning from this place will help a lot to prepare the report successfully. On the other hand, in today’s global business getting competitive advantage is not easy if they do not follow certain principles or rules or take new strategies.

1.2. Objectives of the Report
a. Broad Area:

• To know about all general facts of SEBL as it is one of the largest privately managed banking organizations for our country.

• To get close and gather knowledge about history of SEBL and its operation. And also get appropriate information about its mission, vision and objectives.

• To identify the underlying functions of SEBL’s different departments.

b. Specific Area:

• To understand the overall performance of SEBL and its application.

• Closely observe the credit division of the bank and find out the competitive factors.

• Find out the potentiality and competitive advantage of SEBL with in the competitive market

1.3. Significance of the Study
As evident from the financial statements for the last 10 years, SEBL has been growing rapidly as one of the leaders of the new generation banks in the private sector in term of business and profitability. Undoubtedly, the importance of any financial institution in our society is enormous. I believe that this survey or research on the bank will play a vital role for the employers, employees, management practitioners, other stakeholders and the society at large. For this reason, I chose this topic for my research purpose.

1.4. Methodology
The study will be investigative in nature and is oriented to find out the insights of the study objectives. Both the primary as well as the secondary form of information is used to prepare the report. The details of these sources are painted below – Data:

a. Primary Sources: All official data’s of SEBL and also the major discussion with AVP of Credit Division and the Executives of Credit division

b. Secondary Sources: SEBL’s annual report, market research report, newspaper articles, website information, other external information and documents collected during internship period.

Data collection methods/instruments:

a. For primary sources:

Interview: Appointment will be fixed with respective department heads and interview to be conducted for research purpose.

b. For secondary sources: SEBLs’s annual report, SEBL’s other research report, online web pages.

1.5. Limitations of the Study

During the preparation of my report I may encounter with several problems which may be termed as limitations of the study. These are: • Many procedural matters are directly conducted only by the top management level, which always giving me some sort of restrictions, because I am not able to reach all the needed information which might be required for my study. So as per...
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