Hr Practices in Google

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1.Building innovation into job descriptions: '20 percent time' Technical employees are required to spend 80% of their time on the core search and advertising businesses, and 20% on technical projects of their own choosing."

"Employees' work structure follows a '70/20/10' model,

2.Eliminating friction at every turn: ensuring change can happen quickly and efficiently Google’s approach to innovation is highly improvisational. Any engineer in the company has a chance to create a new product or feature. 3.Letting the market choose: “crowdsourcing” its product strategy

4.Cultivating a taste for failure and chaos Schmidt encourages it: “Please fail very quickly—so that you can try again.. he had praised an executive who made a several-million-dollar blunder: “‘I’m so glad you made this mistake. Because I want to run a company where we are moving too quickly and doing too much, not being too cautious and doing too little. If we don’t have any of these mistakes, we’re just not taking enough risk.’”

5.Supporting inspiration with data - making extensive, aggressive use of data and testing to support ideas according to a Harvard case study people aren't allowed to say 'I think' but instead must say 'The data suggest...'

6.Google's use of algorithms in recruitment First, you survey current employees on a variety of characteristics and traits, including teamwork, biographical information, past experiences and accomplishments (i.e., have they started a company, written a book, won a championship, set a record).

Next, you statistically determine which of these many traits your top performers and most impactful employees' exhibit that differentiates them from bottom performing and average employees.

Finally, you develop an online survey to gather the predictive information from applicants. Then each candidate's biodata survey and resumes are screened electronically and given a score between zero and 100 based on how many of the top performance indicators each candidate possesses. (It's important to note that using biodata to screen candidates is not a new process, but is quite rare in companies that hire large numbers of professionals.)"

Google Human Resources Opportunities

The value Google places on our employees knows no bounds.
We revolutionized search, and now we're redefining human resources in the way we work closely with our management teams to attract, hire, develop and reward talented people. Google's HR team – which we call People Operations – is focused on bringing this discipline to the next level

Our Areas
Google has many openings available in Human Resources. Key areas include: Benefits/Perks: Google employees have a wide variety of interests both inside and outside Google. We strive to design a unique benefits package that helps Googlers balance their busy lives and allow them to focus on the things they love to do. Our Benefits/Perks team develops programs like our top-tier health plans and a generous 401(k) matching program, in addition to on-site services at our U.S. headquarters which include a wellness center with on-site physicians, cafes with gourmet meals, four full-service fitness centers and massage services. Compensation: Compensation is the department that sets the parameters for each major pay element at Google: salaries, bonuses and stock awards. The team ensures that Google pay, in total, meets our goal of being highly competitive with other companies. In addition to establishing both initial and ongoing rates of pay consistent with the Google philosophy, we also encourage, recognize and reward outstanding – and astounding – levels of performance. HR Business Partners and Generalists: Human Resources Business Partners (sometimes called HR Generalists) are on the front line of servicing and interacting with our employees. We...
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