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In every organization the HR has a crucial role in building the organizational culture and also moulding the ethical character of the workforce. Through the role of role of HR is evolving and assuming more strategic significance, it is still widely recognized as the policing arm of the executive management. The HR has responsibility for all the functions that deal with the need and activities of the employees. Hiring, training, leadership development, performance management, person new policy framework, salary and benefit programmes all come under the purview of the HR. Its overbearing presence has tremendous influence on the workforce. Therefore organizational culture that supports and encourages ethical behaviour depends to the great extent on the even handedness of HR systems.

The Society of Human Resource Management defines a “best practice” in HR in a particular method, approach or practice of managing people, which has a positive impact on a company’s overall business performance by improving employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and also the bottom-line business performance. Best practice is a difficult concept to define because it depends on many variables. These practice are not limited to what is accomplished, within what framework, within what environment and under what economic conditions. Studies have identified the major categories for best HR practices as: * Management Practices;

* Selection and placement;
* Training and Development;
* Compensation and Benefits;
* Employee Relations and;
* Health/Safety Security.
HR and Strategic Planning
The strategic level contribution of HR is defined as “the overall and coherent long term planning and shorter term management control and monitoring of an organization’s human resources so as to gain from them the maximum added value and to best position then to achieve the organization’s corporate goals and mission”.

A strategic HR Plan enables organizations to align resources to corporate strategy. It provides information on how the HR functions will support the goals and strategies of the organization and ensure that HR planning and practices are consistent across the organization. It outlines how the gaps between future and present capability will be addressed.

The strategic HR plan supports and is aligned to the corporate mission, vision, values and strategies. It is an essential planning document. It is important that strategic HR plan is developed only after a clear direction is established and understood.

HR And Performance Management System

The HR function is increasingly important in shaping the new organization in which the quality and commitment of peopleis key to survival. Employees at all levels experience a need to know clearly what they should be doing and what is expected of themin terms of quantity and quality of output. Performance appraisal should lead to identification of training and development needs. It also creates a new basis for improvement and development. Performance Management System provides some of the essentials components of effective motivational strategies. In particular feedback that permits an employee to learn how well he or she is performing. Performance Management System provides relevant information required for validating selection methods. The performance management process is the sequence of actions supervisors take when interacting with employees about their job performance and includes: * Determine the key elements of the job,

* Developing performance expectations,
* Providing the interim review of job performance, and
* Providing an annual performance appraisal.
* Interaction between supervisor and employee is required at each step of the process.

HR And Training

Training is defined as a planned process to modify the attitude, knowledge or skill behaviour through learning experience to achieve effective...
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