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Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Postgraduate education Pages: 5 (866 words) Published: June 26, 2015
‘Employee champion’ or ‘business partner’?
The views of aspirant HR professionals.
Dennis Nickson, Scott Hurrell, Chris Warhurst, Kirsty
Newsome, Dora Scholarios, Jo Commander and Anne
University of Strathclyde

• Paper focuses on the perception,
expectations and experiences of full time
students studying a CIPD accredited
postgraduate, Diploma Msc in HRM.
• Student’s perceptions of the role of HR ,
how their views change during the course of
the academic year.
• Their initial thoughts on perusing HR carrer
and early experience as HR practitioners.

CIPD- The Chartered Institute of Personnel and
Development (CIPD) is a professional association for
human resource management professionals.
The result shows that at the point of exiting
the course students tended to view the HR
function in a more strategic manner as
opposed to the employee champion role.
The paper seeks to engage with debates about the nature of
CIPD’s professional project while also signaling the need for further longitudinal research to assess continuity and change tn the HR profession.

• Research was conducted at the university of Strathclyde. • Strathclyde University is a scottish public research university located in glasgow,U.K and
CIPD -recognized Centre of Research Excellence.
• The project examins why students want to become HR
practitioners what they expect of HRM education, the
applicability of that education to practice and their actual experience as HR practitioners both new and developing.

Centre of Research Excellence:-

• The research reported in this paper
is seeking to explore four primary
research questions:
1. What are participants perceptions
of HRM while in education and in
2. What are participants
expectations of HRM while in
education and in employment?
3. What are participants
experiences of HRM while in
4. What are participants reflections
on HRM education when in

ontroversies in HRM and the CIPD’s professional proje

The term HRM has been in vogue for over 20 years with
controversies raging about what the term actually means in
theory and practice.
• Many authors argue on the meaning of HR.
• Heery and Noon: HRM is seen as distinct from the pluralist industrial relations approach involving mediation, mutuality and maintenance of the quality of working life instead it
aligns with a unitarist assertion of organizational values
goals and strategy.
• Keegan and Francis : HRM is attepmting to move away from the routine administration of personnel management into a
‘business partnership model’ ultimately contributing to the productivity and financial performance of the firm.
• In 2006 They recognize that two possible roles that HR
managers could fulfil are that of business partner and

Heery and Noon: in their analysis of ambiguity present in
the term HRM explains that HRM concepts such as High
commitment management HCM and high performance
work system HPWS are designed to allow employee
involvement and increase employee satisfaction while
also improving organizations performance.
• Guest ,Peccei and Marchington in their research showd
that there is little direct employee involvement and
participation with HPWS and HCM.
• Trust level of the employees remain low.
• Research taken by CIPD 2003 on 1200 HR professionals
revealed that majority saw themselves as business
partner and change agents rather than employee
champion role.

William and Gilmore
• There are two researchers william and gilmore terms
the CIPD’s professional project.
• They find out through their research that being
business partner has become the most attractive role
for HR practitioner to aspire to.
• 81 percent answering yes to the question ‘if you could start your carrier again would you still choose HR?
• Reason is variety, challenges, interest and enjoynment
in the job and also the view that HR is the heart of the...
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