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Hr Policies of Nestle

By saleemfarooq1991 Apr 21, 2013 1467 Words
HR is dedicated to their employees, and ensures that they have all the right people with the right skills, in the right places at the right time. Understanding that their people are the bedrock of all their business strategies, it is their mandate to enhance their skills with cutting-edge training and provide them with world-standard facilities. WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN:

They are a people company. Their people are their greatest strength, and nothing can be achieved without their commitment and energy. The Nestlé Difference
At Nestlé you'll find their self in a dynamic and invigorating environment, surrounded by people who are passionate about their work. You'll feel empathized to contribute to the company's business objectives and to achieve their own personal and professional goals. You and their colleagues shape and lead the organization – their energy is its greatest strength. Family & Female-Friendly Organization:

Diversity is central to the nature of their business. As a global organization, Nestlé caters to the needs of diverse consumers. This is only possible due to the diverse backgrounds and interests of their people and their firm commitment to embracing diversity at all levels. When they employ staff, they make a commitment to provide them with good working conditions. Female employees and their employees' families know that Nestlé Pakistan has a friendly and caring attitude. They recently set up a day-care centre, and have established a comprehensive Maternity Benefits Scheme for their female employees. Total Competitive Remuneration:

At Nestlé you can be sure you'll get competitive and fair remuneration structures. Their remuneration is benchmarked against other organizations and surveyed on a regular basis to ensure that they remain competitive. Their pay and compensation strategy is tied to the achievement of their business objectives. This linkage helps us define a growth-oriented culture, making us the most preferred employer in the market. The benefits of working at Nestlé go beyond the financial. Here, you'll find a structure to help you fulfill their ambitions and support their lives.  Growth:

New employees are given responsibility at an early stage, and high performers can develop fast. Their international and multicultural working climate is conducive to creativity, innovation and personal development. And you'll get competitive working conditions, a compensation package and social benefits in line with their company's high standards. Here, you'll get the room to add value and make a real difference. If you're qualified and ready to confront new horizons, you'll have the chance for a truly international career.

Nestlé is committed to being a leader in workplace safety and health.  The Nestlé Occupational Health and Safety Management System (NSMS) was revised in line with the 2007 edition of the international standard OHSAS 18001 and reissued to all Nestlé operations, reinforcing our commitment that “Safety is non-negotiable”.  They are also working towards external certification of our factories against OHSAS 18001. This will provide a common language around our health and safety management systems, and make it easier to demonstrate implementation of these standards to our stakeholders.  The number of workplace injuries has been reduced. For example, in 2007 the number of injuries leading to one or more days away from work in Nestlé decreased to almost one quarter of that seen in 2001. 

It takes a special sort of person to come and work at Nestlé Pakistan. That's why, when selecting candidates, they look for a set of interrelated characteristics encompassing three key areas: knowledge, personality and motivation.

Professional Knowledge:
Do you have a great academic record that demonstrates their intelligence, commitment and hard work? Can you show us you have a sharp analytical mind, and the drive necessary to succeed in a competitive environment?

If you think you fit the bill, you may be right for Nestlé Pakistan. They look for good academic results at university or equivalent qualifications. However, the class of the degree you have obtained, though very important, is not the only criterion for selection. Other experiences during their studies, previous jobs, assignments, language theses and any other significant extracurricular activities and achievements, are also given the right. They look for candidates who can identify a problem, analyze it, look at different options, and come to reasoned conclusions. They want people with drive and tenacity, energy and enthusiasm, who can initiate a project and follow through to the end. All these skills are vital during a career at Nestlé Pakistan.

Internships are a great way to apply the knowledge and skills you are developing at university and get experience in a leading corporation. They offer project-based internship positions in various departments at Nestlé Pakistan. You may be hired as an intern at various points during their academic career: during undergraduate study or graduate school. Most internship assignments are offered during the summer months and generally run for 6 to 8 weeks. At the end of the internship you will be required to submit a project or program report to the company on the topic assigned to you at the beginning of the internship program. If you impress us with their talent & hard work, you may be considered for employment opportunities after you have completed their studies. Work/Life Balance:

At Nestlé they believe that the employee’s private and professional life should have a good balance. Not only because it reinforces employee’s satisfaction, loyalty and enhances Productivity but also because it positively reflects on the Company’s reputation. It helps attracting and retaining people and reconciles economical imperatives with they’ll being. Nestlé is willing to support employees who wish to take an active part in the life of the community or by assuming responsibilities in professional, civic, cultural, religious or voluntary organizations it being understood that any activity during working theirs be first approved by the Company. In the same spirit, Nestlé provides flexible working Conditions whenever possible and provides its employees to have interests and motivations outside work. Relationship with Suppliers

Nestlé aims to deal only with reputable suppliers who are willing to apply Nestlé quality standards. Supplier relationships are benchmarked and evaluated with the objective of striving for continued improvement in the areas of quality, service, etc. As a relationship between a supplier and Nestlé strengthens and progresses, it may evolve into one of preferred supplier status. Key suppliers with which Nestlé has a contractual relationship are audited in order to ensure that they comply with the Nestlé Corporate Business Principles or that they are working actively to achieve compliance. Whenever instances of non-compliance are brought to the Company’s attention, Nestlé will demand that corrective measures be initiated. Nestlé personnel will maintain the highest standards of integrity and professional competence in all business relationships. Sanctions will be applied in the event of misconduct or abuse of established corporate standards and guidelines. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:

Learning is part of the Company culture. Each employee, at all levels, is conscious of the need to upgrade continuously her/his knowledge and skills. The willingness to learn is therefore a non-negotiable condition to be employed by Nestlé. First and foremost, training is done on-the-job. Guiding and coaching is part of the responsibility of each manager and it is crucial to make each one progress in her/his position. When formal training programs are organized they should be purpose oriented and designed to improve relevant skills and competencies. Therefore they are proposed in the framework of individual development programs. As a consequence, 

A program should never be considered as a reward. Adequate training programs are developed at the level of each operating company capitalizing on the availability of local, regional or global resource of the Group. It is the responsibility of HR staff to assist the management in the elaboration of training programs. Great importance will be attached to programs enhancing the language skills of the employees. Training programs organized at the International Training Centre Rive-Reine aim at developing and sharing best practices of the various management disciplines practiced in the Group. They also strive to strengthen corporate cohesion as they’ll as to promote networking throughout the Group. Training programs should, as much as possible, be based on action learning and reduce ex-cathedra teaching to the strict minimum. It is necessary to make optimal use of e-learning programs as a complement to or a substitute for formal training programs.  According to needs they should be made available at shop floor level and enlarge the access to training. It is the role of each manager to assess progress achieved as a result of training Programs. Assessing and Developing each employee is in charge of her/his own professional development. However, the Company endeavors to offer the opportunity to progress for those having the determination and the potential to develop their capabilities.

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