Hr Planning

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1. Impact of HR planning on productivity
Human Resource planning
Human Resource planning is a process of identifying labor need for present and future job and find out the possible way to make available worker and competent them to accomplish a task. At the same time it is identifying types of people need, qualification of people. Organization sometimes recruits people within the organization and external forces. It helps plan replacement, empower competence in systematic manner. It is helpful to empowerment, extensive training, teamwork and also manufacturing and lean production, emphasis on operational incentives. Such as total quality management, just in time, advanced manufacturing technology, supply chain patterning as determinates of organizational performance. On the other hand productivity is basically surplus of raw material and efficiency of organization.

Productivity = Efficiency of production
= Surplus efficiency of all points
= Men, Materials, Management
HRP has economically and statistically significant impact on both intermediate outcomes like productivity, short term and long term measurement of corporate financial performance. Productivity is input and output relation. Through HRP, organization can determine what will be its manpower for now and future and the availability of manpower to operate the business operation. If manpower is not available on time it will impact badly on organization productivity. Organization unable to run production level properly, production will decrees, organization can’t fulfill need on time, customer will dissatisfied, productivity will be hampered, turnover rate will be increase. HRP motivated, trained up employee time to time, develop them when they need, motivated employee to cope up with new technology and manufacture. It helps to increase effectiveness of manpower at all level.HRP balance the need of manpower, availability of worker and allocation them at all level. It reduce the cost of manpower at optimal level in order to achieve the organization goal, who will going to give the best effort to achieve the goal .So there is an inverse relationship between HRP and Productivity. A proper HRP will help production and productivity and help to achieve organizational goal.

2. Factors to be considered in labor demand forecasting
HRP is process of determining number of people organization need. It is process through organization can acquire, utilize and retain enterprises human resources. It tries to make a link HR practice and policy with organization decision making. In HRP the process outline 2nd stage is forecasting. In this stage we forecast labor demand and supply. It is the process of determining the net manpower requirement both for present and future by comparing with demand and supply of labor. There are different model of HR forecasting

Forecasting as a part of Human Resource Planning
Demand Forecasting Supply Forecasting
Determine Organizational Objectives
Choose Human Resource Programs

Internal Programs
Career Planning
Turnover Control
External Programs
External selection
Executive exchange

Demand Forecast for Each Objective

Analysis Demand Forecast

Does Aggregate Supply Meet Aggregate Demand

External Supply Forecast
Internal Supply Forecast

Aggregate Supply Forecast

Go to Feasibility Analysis step

Determining organizational objectives:
Here we can identify what is our target, what is organization’s objective, what would be the organization’s HR policy and practice to meet up the objectives.
In this year organization target is produce 5% unit, in 2014 organization’s target is more produce than...
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