HR Manual: HBM Pharmaceuticals Lahore

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Human Resource Management

Final Project
HR Manuel-HBM Pharmaceuticals Lahore

Submitted To:
Mr. Haroon Shabbir

Submitted By:

Muhammad Kashif 063832-045

Submission Date:

University of management and technology

table of Contents:

1. Company overview5

2. Job Analysis:7

2.1. Job Description of SPO:7

2.2. Proposed Job Description of SPO:8

2.3. Job Description of Store keeper:9

2.4. Job Description of Accountants Manager:10

2.5. Proposed Job Description of Accounts Manager:11

2.6. Job Description of Director Sales & Finance:12

2.7. Job Description of CEO13

3. Recruitment and Selection Policy:16

3.1 Recruiting phase:16

3.1.1. Employee referrals/recommendations:16

3.1.2. External searches:16

3.2. Selection phase:17

3.2.1. Initial screening:17

3.2.2. Completed application:17

3.2.3. Employment test:18

3.2.4. Comprehensive interview:18

3.2.5. Unconditional Job offers:18

4. Socialization and Orientation Plan:18

4.1. Socialization Process:19

4.2. New-employee Orientation Process:19

4.2.1. The CEO’s Role in Orientation:19

4.2.2 HRM’s Role in Orientation:20

5. Training and Development Plan:20

5.1. Employee Training:20

5.1.1. New employees:20

5.1.2. Existing employees:20

5.2. Determining training needs:21

5.2.1. SPO:21

5.2.2. Office staff:21

5.2.3. RSM/ZSM:21

5.2.4. The CEO and Director Sales:22

5.3. Training Methods:22

5.3.1. SPO:22

5.3.2. RSM/ZSM:22

5.4. Employee Development:22

5.4.1. Employee Development Methods:23

5.4.2. Developing Office Staff:23

5.4.3. Developing SPO to Senior SPO:23

5.4.4. Developing Senior SPO to RSM:23

5.4.5. Developing RSM to ZSM:23

5.4.6. Developing ZSM to Director Sales:23

6. Performance Appraisals:24

6.1. Appraisal Methods:24

6.1.1. Management by Objectives (MBO):24 Goal specificity:24 Participative Decision Making:24 An explicit time period:25 Performance Feedback:25

6.2. Performance Evaluation Standards and Appraisals:25

6.2.1. Office Staff:25

6.2.2. SPO:25

6.2.3. RSM/ZSM:25

6.2.4. The CEO and Director Sales:26

7. Compensation and Benefits Plan:26

7.1. Job evaluation and pay structure:26

7.1.2. Compensation survey:27

7.2. Rewards:27

7.2.1. Intrinsic rewards:27

7.2.2. Extrinsic rewards:28 Financial and non-financial rewards:28 Financial performance base rewards:28 Non-financial rewards:28

7.2.3. Rewards for director & CEO28

7.3. Benefits:28

8. Succession planning:29

8.1. Job Replacement Card:29


9. Policies and Procedures:30

9.1. Leave policy:30

9.2. Attendance policy:31

9.2.1. For office staff:31

9.2.2. For supervisors and managers:31

9.2.3. Lunch and prayer break:31

9.2.4. For SPO:31 Field work timings are:32 Special Adjustments:32

9.3. Finance policy:32

10. Conclusion:32

HBM Pharmaceutical Company
HR Manuel

1. Company overview

HBM Pharmaceutical came in to existence in 2003 with the mutual interest of Sajjad Rauf Siddiqui and S. sheraz saleem gilani. These two individuals started working together in HBM Pharmaceuticals under the designations of: Sajjad Rauf as Director Sales and Finance; and Mr. S. Sheraz Saleem Gilani as the CEO. HBM is a partnership company. HBM Pharmaceuticals is operating in different locations of Pakistan. Company contains two head offices: one in Lahore and the other one in Rawalpindi with 35 employees working under HBM. Quality and...
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