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Human Resource Policy Manual| August 28
This manual summarizes all major human resources policies and procedures that are currently in force in AXIOM International Ltd. and its subsidiaries. | AXIOM International Ltd.|


In consonance with the Vision of transforming our AXIOM International Ltd. into an Institution, we recognize our Employees are our biggest asset. To assist and facilitate transparency, it is imperative to institutionalize processes across all functions and hierarchies which are accessible to all. The issuance of this first Human Resource Manual is tin attempt to bring transparency in all that touches our daily life at our workplace and thus help us synchronize what is expected of us with what we expect of the system. This HR Manual is the first building block of this journey and will be followed by the Finance Manual; the Commercial Manual and the Operations Manual respectively. This HR Manual provides all information and guidelines but is not a contract and the information contained herein is not to be considered contractual promises. The Policies laid down in the Manual are effective from today and supersedes all previous instructions. The Management reserves the right to modify the provisions of this manual as and when required.

Syed Arman Ali
Vice Chairman cum Managing Director


The Objective of the Human Resource policy manual is to provide support its employees through:

• Continuity and consistency of Service.
• Better Communication, Internal & External, in the Group. • Enhancing Orientation & Focus.
• Mentoring reference.
• Improvement of in house customer services on time.

Development is an ongoing process and it is so for our AXIOM International Ltd. too. The attempt of putting together this First HR Policy Manual is part of this initiative keeping in perspective the size that we have grown to. We, today, have around 700 employees spread across the country and it is important that we are all in tandem and on a common page.

The Privileges and Amenities mentioned in the Manual are the current set and obviously will undergo changes as we progress in our journey. Amendments in the Policy will be communicated to all colleagues from time to time.


To be a Leader in our chosen Markets by 2015 by building a strong bond with our Customer, our Stakeholders and Our Employees.


1. Managerial Ethics
Our Business ethics are based on Integrity and Commitment towards achieving organizational goals. Our code of Ethics is enshrined in the values of good Humanity and Governance. 2. Leadership
Will encourage & foster Leadership with a Vision to focus on leveraging Opportunities and meeting Challenges. 3. Customer Satisfaction
We are committed to benchmark our success with Customer satisfaction by attaining, delivering and maintaining the highest standards of Quality & Cost effective Services and Products. 4. Communication

Our focus is to facilitate free flow of communication with trust on people and policy 5. Entrepreneurship
We will try to develop a culture of entrepreneurs so that our employees can easily express their creative ideas and entrepreneurial skills. 6. Group Synergy
We will business synergy in our organization to ensure the overall optimization of cost and improved quality.

Our Culture


Our mission is to support our...
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