Hr Management Versus Personnel Management

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HR Management versus Personnel Management
While digging for the difference between Human Resources Management and Personnel Management, you are most likely going to get very divergent views, depending on which sphere of experts you question. While some strongly affirm that there is no difference between the two, others will recognize the variance, but will still acknowledge the unmistakable similarities. In lay terms however, there’s a general tendency to use the terms interchangeably. The difference, when acknowledged, between HR and Personnel, is often depicted as philosophical. Personnel management encompasses more administrative disciplines of payroll issues, employment law compliance and all other related tasks. On the other hand, HR is more concerned with the management of a workforce, as this is one of the key resources that drive the day-to-day operations of a company; hence its success. Whenever a distinction is made between Human Resources and Personnel management, Human Resources is always represented to a broader extent than Personnel management. Human Resources, it is said, embodies and elaborates tasks of Personnel management, and at the same time, creates and develops teams of employees for the advantage of the company. One of HR’s primary goals is to provide a suitable environment for employees to fully utilize their skills, and work at maximum efficiency levels. The tasks that are common within Personnel management, include the traditional, routine duties; thus, it is generally described as reactive, i.e. only responding to demands as they arise. Human resources, on the other hand, involves continuous innovation and strategizing to manage a company’s workforce more efficiently. It is, therefore, generally considered proactive. There’s an ongoing development of policies, functions and skill assessment,s all aimed at improving the company’s workforce. While Personnel management is often not considered to be influenced by the organization, HR is...
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