Hr in China and Us

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Differences in HR Between China and the US

5 Main Differences between Chinese and US Workforce
ĆMany more applicants available to fill open job positions in China ĆIn China, cultivating trust takes a much longer time than in America ĆChinese managers cannot be straightforward, blunt, and honest in their leadership style. Instead, Chinese managers use a more roundabout style to get workers to do what they want. ĆRespect for elders in China. Younger employees respect those senior to them, no matter what. ĆSide benefits outside of compensation are important to workers in the United States, but in China, this is a luxury that few workers ever enjoy. 5 Main Similarities between Chinese and US Workforce

ƒÜAdvancement in companies is based on who you know AND what you know. In other words, employees have to be somewhat political to be successful. ƒÜPay isn¡¦t the only motivator, but it is the main motivator. ƒÜBusiness is for the most part guided by an ethical code that discourages lying and stealing. ƒÜEquality for women in positions of power is improving

ĆMost jobs in large companies require a 4 year university degree.

Part 3
An American MNC trying to setup in China needs to give special attention the managers that it uses in China. Of course, the MNC will want to spend its most experienced managers over to China, however; these managers will need to have classes in cultural sensitivity. Managers should be careful especially with the concept of face and being careful not to cause employees to publicly lose face. In addition, there should be a long term HR plan to eventually hire Chinese local employees into management positions over time. In addition, HR should spend a great deal of time deciding on compensation that is fair according to local standards. They will also be able to save a great deal of money on benefits if they can find out exactly what the Chinese employees actually perceive they need. Lastly, HR will need to develop a...
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