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Topics: Law, Data Protection Act 1998, Human resource management Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: December 22, 2012
There is a number of reasons why we, as an HR team, collect different types of data. One of them is meeting legal requirements. In order to satisfy legal obligations we collect such information as contractual arrangements, employees’ duties, privileges, salaries, working hours, vacation accruals, bonuses, as well as documents relating to health and safety. The Russian Labor Inspection can check any data regarding individual employees and it is important for the organization to timely provide accurate and valid data in order to avoid fees or other sanctions.

Another reason for HR data collection is providing the organization with information for decisions making. By compiling and analyzing HR data we not only help our Partners to understand how the organization is currently performing, what are the characteristics of its workforce and the effectiveness of its people policies, but also enable them to make and drive different people-based decisions and initiatives. Through effective management of individual employee records we identify trends in staff turnover, learning and development needs, recruitment, workforce planning and help our leaders to predict different situations. HR data collection and analysis enable us, as HR professionals, to speak to senior management in the language of business and support our role as a strategic partner by providing the data for strategic decision-making.

We collect different types of HR data that support our function in a number of ways. Performance review forms, which contain the information on individual performance, employees’ ratings and individual goals, are used to identify low performers and their areas for development as well as employees with potential who can be placed in a talent pool. We also use these records for decision- making process on promotions, salary increases and bonus accruals. We analyze the information and report on performance review process to the Partners as well as to the head office....
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