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Haworth, an office furniture and design company was founded in 1948. They are driven by two key principles, innovation and flexibility which have helped them succeed to where they are today. These principles remain our driving force, as Chairman Dick Haworth and president and CEO Franco Bianchi lead a worldwide effort to create great, adaptable workspaces. In the beginning, Modern Products represented a variety of wood products. But that shifted in 1954, with the development of modular office partitions, predecessors of panel systems. After that, the company focused on office environments. The company name was changed in 1976, with the introduction of the world's first pre-wired modular panel. That year, Dick Haworth also became president and CEO. Business remained centered around office furniture systems until the early 1980s, when office seating was added to Haworth's product offering. Since then, the company has continued to move toward complete workspace solutions. Franco Bianchi becomes the President and CEO in 2005, after more than 10 years with Haworth in Europe. Dick Haworth assumed a new position as Chairman of the Board. Today the family-owned private Haworth, Inc. operates in more than 120 countries and employs nearly 8,000 members worldwide.


Haworth, an office furniture and design company was founded in 1948.They creating individual products that encompass Design for the Environment (DfE) strategies. They design products that interface and integrate to create a more sustainable workspace environment. The result is interiors that flex and change with an organization and extend the life cycle of the workspace, in alignment with our customers’ business goals. Their products complement workspace platform through integrated design, planning and connection logic. Integration builds flexibility and adaptability for design, and reduces redundancies and waste generated by change. Haworth products are sustainable solutions when used alone. Used together they create more adaptable, more sustainable work environments




Like other businesses, they have set objectives and principles and are motivated by their own beliefs of how a company should run. Unfortunately not everything goes according to plan and problems may rise. Like many large global companies, challenges and issues can develop. Some of the problems that have developed are team issues, lack of training and consistent professionalism. The senior managers have a professional and consistent management style which is not being presented to the newer managers and supervisors. Members are not sure about the whole leadership and coaching process and are apprehensive of the way certain departments do not act as a team. Furthermore, their management does not focus on internal policies, procedures/ process direction and company spirit.


A companywide internal audit presented these important areas for improvement:

1. communication skills

2. motivation

3. team building

4. time and activity management (resource allocation)

5. handle objectives

6. more team orientation

7. more co-operation

Haworth has to make sure that they will improve on functioning more as a team and meet their employee’s basic needs by understanding what they want. They also need to improve on skills that will give them the confidence and control to be able to handle any tough customer situations. They also improve on how they deal with difficult people situations, like conflict resolution skills and how to do so in a professional manner by meeting the needs of their customers. Better communication skills will help them   be able to communicate from management to employees and between departments. Their members need to feel motivated so they can work to...
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