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Topics: Work-family conflict, Family, Employment Pages: 10 (3033 words) Published: April 14, 2014

The article we are about to review is titled “ Family-Work Conflict and the Availability of Work-Family Friendly Policy Relationships in Married Employees: The Moderating Role of Work Centrality and Career Consequence”, it’s a Research and Practice in Human Resource Management, volume (18(2)), page number (35-46), year 2010. The article is done by Okechukwu Amah an employee of Chevron Nigeria Limited and has worked for the organisation for twenty-five years. He obtained his PhD from the University of Benin, Benin City in Nigeria. He is a part time lecturer in Business Administration, at Lagos State University in Lagos, Nigeria. His research interests include work-family conflict, organisational behavior and training. Amah’s current study extends past studies by testing the joint effects of supportive organisational culture, and personality disposition. Obtained results confirm that availability of work-family friendly policy has the potential to reduce the perception of family-work conflict. His study expands conventional wisdom in two ways. Firstly, the study includes an individual difference concept, work centrality and a component of organisational culture, career consequence, which is postulated to be closely linked to the use of work-family friendly policies by employees. Secondly, interaction effects of these additional variables on the relationship between the availability of work-family friendly policies and family-work conflict is tested in the study design. Hence, it is likely the current study has a more robust model of work family friendly policy, the study findings obtained give better justification for organisations continuous investment in providing work-family friendly policies for their employees, which agrees with the two fundamental conventions (a) employers provide work-family friendly policy to help their employees to effectively manage the pressures from the work and family domains, and (b) the career consequence of using these policies has potential to play a major role in institutional effectiveness .


Amah believes employees experience conflict from either the work or family domain due to the increase in the number of women, and dual income earner families in the workforce that pose challenges to employees in managing their roles in the family and work domains. The conflict operates in two dimensions namely; work-family conflict and family-work conflict that adversely affect employees attitude and behavior in the work and family domains. Past studies have not confirmed the expected benefits of work-family friendly policies. The problem may be attributed to the absence of the effects of individual differences, and the role of organisational culture in encouraging or discouraging the use of the established work-family friendly policies.

Amah bases his current study on five hypotheses:

Hypothesis one states; Availability of work-family friendly policy is negatively related to family work conflict. The literature behind this hypothesis is that employees see work-family friendly policies as resources that can be used in solving problems and resolving challenging situations, so as to balance the pressures from work and family domains. Work-family friendly policies are offered to employees to help them take care of family related issues.

Hypothesis two and three states; Career consequence has positive relationship with family-work conflict, Career consequence moderates the relationship between the availability of work-family friendly policies and family work conflict. Career consequence is the perception of employees that utilizing the work-family friendly policies would hurt their career. It is a component of organisational culture that has direct bearing on the use and effectiveness of work-family friendly policies. These hypotheses is based on four studies; The Thompson, et al. (1999) study that addressed...
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