Hr Al Ain Distribution Strategy

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Types of strategies3
Loyal Soldier HR strategy4
Bargain Laborer HR strategy4
Committed Expert HR strategy4
Free Agent HR Strategy:5
HR strategy that can add value5
Flow of people6
Flow of performance:9
Our Vision10
Our Mission10
Our Values10
The value gap:11
Commitment to shareholders, customers and employees.11
Organization chat13
HR Mission:13
HR Vision:13
HR objectives:13
HR strategy and practices that add value:14
The recruitment and hiring14
Promotion system14
Employees’ commitments:15
Employees’ Motivation.15
people, and extra days off.15
Training and development15
Compensation system16
Flow of people16
Increasing hit rate:17
Flow of performance management:18
Flow of information19


The purpose of HR strategies is to guide HRM development and implementation programs, it helps set out what the organization intends to do about the different aspects of its human resource management policies and practices. They will be integrated with the business strategy and each other. HR strategies are described by Dyer and Reeves (1995) as ‘internally consistent bundles of human resource practices’, and in the words of Boxall (1996), they provide ‘a framework of critical ends and means’. (Armstrong, 2006)

They provide the basis for strategic plans and enable the organization to measure progress and evaluate outcomes against objectives. An effective HR strategy is one that works in the sense that it achieves business needs; is founded on detailed analysis and study, not just wishful thinking; can be turned into actionable programs that anticipate implementation requirements and problems; is coherent and integrated, being composed of components that fit with and support each other; takes account of the needs of line managers and employees generally as well as those of the organization and its other stakeholders. As Boxall and Purcell (2003) emphasize: ‘HR planning should aim to meet the needs of the key stakeholder groups involved in people management in the firm. (Armstrong, 2006)

In this paper we will introduce the Al Ain Distribution Company as corporate strategy also we will examine the HR strategy and how they will satisfy business needs, taking in account line manager and employees needs generally, as well as the stakeholders as a business partner.

Types of strategies

There are two strategies pursued at the business level.
1-Cost leadership strategy, where organizations seek to become low-cost producers of goods and services and their goal is to develop efficient production methods that enable them to sell at a lower price than competitors. Their goal is offer products at the cheapest price possible, thus enticing customers through their low prices and gaining market share. 1

2-Differentiation strategy, where organizations using this strategy seek to produce goods and services that are somehow superior to the goods and services provided by competitors and their goal is to create unique value for which customers are willing to pay a higher price. Organizations try to set themselves apart by their competitors by offering higher quality products or service, unique / exclusive items, or a preferential brand name. Consequently, organizations can charge higher prices and reap higher profits.

There are four human resource strategies commonly used by organizations

Loyal Soldier HR strategy : this strategy emphasizes hiring and retaining loyal employees who do whatever the company asks of them, design work so that employees have broad roles and perform a variety of different tasks. Thorough the Loyal Soldier Strategy, employees to not have specialized job titles, but they are able to complete the jobs and responsibilities of a number of different positions. People are recruited and hired because...

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