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Recruitment and selection process of Sri Lanka Telecom

The Company

"All Sri Lankans seamlessly connected with world-class information, communication and entertainment services.“ Mission
"Your trusted and proven partner for innovative and exciting communication experiences delivered with passion, quality and commitment"

Organizational Structure

Recruitment and selection process
HR Planning

SLT regional branches inform available vacancies to the head office. Each department decides number of employees to be recruited. Inform vacancy requirements to recruitment section
Plan deadlines.
Create strategic plan for the recruitment.
Decide recruitment type.
Decide whether to recruit through direct SLT or SLT human capital solutions. If an employee is recruited by SLT, the HR section of SLT is responsible for all HR related activities (eg. Insurance, EPF, ETF, leave) of the employee. If an employee is recruited by SLT human capital solutions, it is responsible for all HR related activities of the employee. The decision depends on employment type and financial position of the organization SLT Human Capital Solutions

It is fully own subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC. It provides human resource services to SLT.

Prepare job description and job specification
Job description includes: Summary of position, location, reporting to, duties and responsibilities Job specification includes: Qualifications, experience, skills and responsibilities The recruitment section search their CV database to find matching CV for the position. If they found a matching CV, the candidates are called for an interview. If they couldn’t find appropriate CV they plan for advertising. Plan for Advertising

Recruitment section sends job description and specification to marketing section. Marketing section creates draft advertisement sends it to recruitment section for fine-tunes. If the position is more technical one the draft is sent to the relevant section for fine –tunes. Eg. Draft is sent to IT division for fine-tunes if the position is software engineer. Recruitment section reviews the draft advertisement and makes necessary modifications. Marketing section gets reviewed advertisement.

Marketing section creates final version of vacancy advertisement. Marketing section select media for advertising and estimate budget. Budget estimation is sent to CEO for approval.
Marketing section publish advertisement on selected media and in their company web site.

The recruitment section selects matching CVs for the position and the candidates are called for an interview. The candidates have to go through a series of interviews. 1st interview is a screening interview. The certificates and other qualifications are checked here 2nd interview is a verbal one and the knowledge of the relevant area is checked here. 3rd interview is a practical one. The candidates are given a case study to analyze. The case study depends on the position applied. 4th interview is the final one. It is with CEO or head of HR.

The selected candidates are informed a date of appointment. Offer letters are issued and new recruits go through an induction session. In that session they are educated about the procedures of the company, how to use employee portal and organizational culture.

How SLT recruits a software engineer
Head office decides the number of Software Engineers, qualifications and deadline of the process The details are sent to SLT human capital solutions
They check the CV database to find matching CVs
If they couldn't find matching CVs the advertising process is planned The shortlisted candidates are called for a written test. It is IQ and technical Then the selected candidates are called for a verbal interview. It is also technical one The selected candidates should face a practical exam

Then the final interview with CEO or Herd of HR
Appointment letters are issued
Induction session...
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