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Topics: Australia, Sport in Australia, Australian Sports Commission Pages: 6 (1530 words) Published: March 19, 2013
1.0 Introduction

The focus of this report is to propose two strategies which when implanted would increase the popularity of badminton in Australia.

This topic is worthy of study over the last eight weeks I have been taking part in research while playing badminton at school. Throughout this time I have been concerned about the perception of the game of badminton among students at the college and the lack of participation in the game in the wider community.

In order to complete this task this report will clearly demonstrate that badminton is a low profile sport in Australia and therefore propose 2 strategies to target the problem whole providing evidence gained from research and personal experience in badminton to justify how to implementation of these strategies could lead to raising the profile of badminton locally and in Australia.

2.0 Funding

State: I believe that badminton is a low profile sport in Australia. Define:
The term ‘low profile’ can be defined as not attracting public attention. (macmillandictionary.com) A low profile sport in Australia would be a sport where a limited number of people know of its existence. Explain:

The Federal Government supports the funding of sport in Australia and allocates approximately One Hundred and sixteen million Dollars a year to develop sport throughout the country. The social status and popularity of various sports in Australia can be determined to an accurate degree on the figures of funding for these sports. In 1984, the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) was created by the federal government to provide a more “coordinated approach to sports development in Australia” (Amezdroz, pg. 508). The ASC is granted just over $118 million (www.ausport.gov.au) by the government, which is distributed to the elite and grass root levels of 100 different sports, based on factors of participation and popularity. The ASC has two main goals in development of sport in Australia; increased participation in sport and sport activities by Australians as well as excellence in sports performance by Australians. “The Australian Sport Commission has provided financial support for more than 100 different sports throughout Australia. This support has been in the form of finance for athletic scholarships to the Australian institute of sport, funding for additional high-performance programs and capital grants for sports development. (509) Funding was designed to balance the requirements of elite sports and broad based sports, but its implementation has been controversial. High profile sports such as swimming, rowing, hockey, and athletics tended to receive more funding than lower profile sports such as cycling, gymnastics and netball. Some people have also been concerned that there is too much emphasis on the Olympic sports at the expense of the more popular sports played in Australia. In the Crawford report the only data found was derived from 2001-01 Australian Bureau of Statistics data. It confirmed that approximately $2 billion was spent on sport at that time across the three tiers of government. Only 10% came from the Australian Government, 40% from State and territory Governments and the remaining 50% from local Government. It said future funding should be channelled to encourage wide participation, some priority should be given tot hose sports played throughout the country and even more so those that engage their participants through their lifetime. (511)

3.0 Changing the Perception

State: In order to increase the popularity of badminton in Australia, we need to change the public’s views and attitudes because “our individual values present another important set of influences on the decisions and choices we make about exercise, sport and physical activity” (Amezdroz pg. 476).

Attitudes: formed about sport and physical activity are often defined in terms of what is “socially desirable “. Attitudes can be defined as” a settled way of...

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