HP MFP Device Configuration Instructions

Topics: IP address, Subnetwork, Domain Name System Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Device used: HP LaserJet M4555 MFP
Main Menu

Security Tab
Set the local administrator password: We Care 4 You
Apply and no more changes in this section
Networking Tab (This information may have to be entered directly in MFP) May ask for authentication: admin\ We care…
Click on Network Identification
Enter the Host Name
Domain Name – bhs.bannerhealth.com
DNS (IPv4) Primary –
DNS (Ipv4) Secondary –
If required WINS (IPv4 only) primary –
If required WINS (IPv4 only) Secondary –
TCP/IP(v4) Tab
IP Configuration Method – manual
IP Address – Enter IP address provided by consultant
Subnet mask – Enter subnet mask
Default Gateway – Enter Default Gateway
Scan/Digital Send Tab
Email Setup
Enable Sent to E-mail
SMTP: smtp.bannerhealth.com
Port 25
Split e-mail if larger – Don’t change
Enable SMTP SSL Protocol – leave uncheck
Server does not require authentication
Check “Fax: send faxes when the fax send method ….”
Uncheck “Automated E-mails: device alerts…”
Check “Autosend: send device information….”
Addresses and Message Field Control
Addresses Field Restrictions: users can type addresses
From: Default from – Uncheck “user editable”
Default from: banner@bannerhealth.comDefault Display name: Banner Health Everything else remains the same
Apply and no more changes in this section
General Tab
Control Panel Customization\ Home Screen Customization
Only Copy – Fax – Job Status – Administration – Email should be in the home screen. Drag and drop other links from “home screen” to “available applications”. Display Settings
Check “Show Date and Time”
Uncheck “Show How to Connect Button”
Control Panel Language and Keyboard Layouts
Uncheck “allow users to choose another language”
Uncheck “show alternate keyboard”
Apply and no more changes in this section
Fax tab
click on the internal Modem Tab
Company Name – Write the Clinic Name
Fax Number – Enter...
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