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1.0 Company background2
1.1 Introduction2
2.0 Strategy identification3
2.1 HP Marketing mix3
2.1.2 Place4
2.1.3 Price4
2.1.4 Promotion4
2.2 E-Customer Relationship Management5
2.3 Virtual Communities5
3.0 Environmental Analysis6
4.0 Segmentation and targeting, differentiation and positioning7 4.1 Market segmentation7
4.1.1 Demographic8
4.1.2 Psychographic segmentation9
4.1.3 Geographic segmentation9
4.1.4 Positioning for the future9
4.1.5 Future differentiation9
5.0 Objectives and E-marketing Strategies10
5.1 Corporate objectives10
5.2 E-CRM recommendations11
6.0 Implementation and Evaluation12
6.1 Electronic Commerce Solution integrated with SMS12
6.2 e-Recommendation via find store searching tool14
7.0 Conclusion16
8.0 References17
9.0 Appendix19

1.0 Company background

1.1 Introduction
Though the company is a market leader, they are still trying everything possible to keep that consistency or even to improve more so that they can beat their competitors and satisfy their customers. To achieve this, the company is applying some business concepts which we will look into in depth to see how it is benefiting from them. The business concepts are as follow, and we will discuss them sequentially; * Strategy identification (E-marketing strategies)

* Environmental Analysis
* Segmentation and targeting, differentiation and positioning * Objectives and E-marketing Strategies
* Implementation and evaluation

2.0 Strategy identification
2.1 HP Marketing mix


According to (Jones, 2005), Hewlett Packard unlike other companies serves everyone from customers, small and mid-sized businesses, to enterprises and public sectors with an extensive portfolio of market leading solution. Through their website (www.hp.com), they provide clear facts about their products, customers can know immediately about products information and specification, not a sales persons assumptions. For more clarification, there is a customer service where they can find out more. HP is also offering customization to meet customers wants, customers are allowed to design and see the outlook of their products before they can order. The buying process is also customised for returning buyers, making repeat purchasing more easily. On the other hand, HP is providing products support to its customer. It offers services such as; * HP Support Assistant – With HP Support Assistant, it is easy for customers to keep their PC running smoothly, optimize PC performance, automate support tasks and get assistance when they need help. * HP Total care Support – through this support, HP offers videos to customers so that they can enjoy and troubleshoot the computer, imaging and printing equipment. 2.1.2 Place

As international trading is increasing all around the world, and trade barriers have come down, that has helped HP to introduce its products to a great extent. Hewlett Packard and its customers can easily interact via a web based platform (www.hp.com) and seal their deal online. With this website, HP can provide international customers with great deal of information, and easy ways of ordering at a very little expense. On the other hand HP Company have authorized and registered agent partners, who sell HP products on its behalf to customers, particularly to small and medium business. 2.1.3 Price

When comes to pricing strategy of HP products, prices are reasonable based on the quantity and quality consumers are buying. Customers can enjoy discount and allowance pricing based on what they are buying, customers who buy in bulk are offered quantity discount. Also channel members like national and sub distributors who perform further selling are handed with functional discount To take advantage further more on pricing, HP use segment pricing, where household and industrial customers pay different prices...

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Source: (Raman, 2011)
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