Howard Zinn-the People of the United States

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Gabrielle Lewis
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Howard Zinn’s “The Peoples History of the United States”, is a must read. This book is very eye opening and informative. By just looking at the title we can conclude that the approach to the history of the United States used by Zinn, is that of the people. His writes this book from a completely different perspective of most historians. He finds a way to make history become alive and present in our everyday lives. He creates awareness in things our forefathers wanted us to overlook.

His viewpoint is unlike any views that I am familiar with. If you are like me then you have never found history to be anything other than boring and useless. However reading this book will change your mind. In reading just the first chapter I was so intrigued, not only from his style of writing but also by the new information I was presented it.

In a review for this book it was said, “A People’s History of the United States is an attempt to balance the scales by writing about parts of US history that aren’t often covered in depth. It focuses particularly on the effects of government policy on the poor, women, and non-whites throughout US history, documents labor movements and equality movement in more depth than one normally sees, and points out the mixed and disappointing records of US cultural heroes. It is in other words, an attack on assumptions and accepted wisdom about the heroes and important events in history, and on the stories we tell ourselves as a culture.”

This book is truly one of the most informative books I have ever read. It discusses the ceaseless conflict between elites and the masses of whom they oppress and exploit. Zinn is writes this so well that he doesn’t allow bias to get in the way of through research, and substantial pieces of the text are quotes from original source materials. The things he finds in his research are so fascinating and completely different from what we are taught.

I was so amazed by all the new...
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