Howard Hughes
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Legend of the Aviator
Howard Hughes is a man of many mysteries, very few actual facts are known about him.
Historians constantly argue to decipher which of their theories are correct and which are just over glorified rumors. The fact is Hughes liked to keep to himself. This man left behind not only the
“Legend of the Aviator” but also one of the biggest gaps in the world of film and aviation.
“Hughes was the ambassador who ushered in a new era of living and a new way of life” (Hack
5). He introduced new ideas and accomplished things that people had deemed impossible. He believed that with his money nothing was impossible, he made that very apparent through his invention’s. He designed planes and made some of the most revolutionary movies that captivated the minds of millions. Howard lived his life behind closed doors, hiding all of his true ambitions and how he achieved them. He also hid the world from not only his crazed ideas but also his mental illness, perhaps because he himself did not know that he was mentally ill.
Howard Hughes related every aspect of his life to modernism. Not only did he relate to modernism but he himself was a modernist. His ingenious ideas were thought to be radical for his time but at the same time they were somewhat inspirational. He was an idealistic man who looked beyond the possible and did not take no for an answer. Because of this, he broke world records and raised the bar for the upcoming 20th century. In order to truly understand this man, his actions, and how the “Legend of the Aviator” started one has to look into early life. If there ever was a more crucial part of anyones life it was Howard Hughes’ upbringing.
Hughes birth place and date are not precisely known and are still a major controversy.
What you need to know is that he was born somewhere in Texas in the year 1905. He was born to a very fortunate family. At the time Hughes father Robert was the sole owner of a crucial

piece of equipment that

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