How I Spend My Summer Vacation

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How I spend my summer vacation

Summer vacation is one of the best times during the year. It is sunny, without rain. The weather is warm and sometimes hot and usually people are more smiling. I spent my summer vacation very good. I and my friends wasted our time on the street, in the cafe and it was funny and emotional. I also travelled to the Black sea and took short but wonderful holiday.

In the beginning of the summer holiday I spend a lot of time with my friends. Some of them live not in my hometown during the year and it is my pleasure to see them again. We spent time on some bench on the street, in the café or at home watching some new film.

In the middle of the summer I went at the seaside. It was short vacation but the weather was great –sunny but not so hot. I had a good tan during the day and on the nights I went to the disco clubs. They are really bigger than the disco clubs in my hometown. It was perfect holiday but it was just a week.

In the beginning of the July I started driver’s course. It was very exciting. For me was easy to drive the car with my teacher because I could drive before the start of the course. I also learned the traffic ordinance. It was interesting. The lessons about the traffic policeman were one of the most interesting but also the most difficult. In the beginning of the September was the theoretic driving test and I pass it. I had two lists of paper with 60 questions and decided them for 60 minutes and I had just one mistake. After some days I will have practical driving test and I hope to take it too.

Now is different. I wake up early morning and every day I am going to the school…(
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