How I Met My Husband: Alice Munro

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Short Story Assignment
How I Met My Husband- Alice Munro

Alice Munro
Alice Munro was born 10 July 1931. Alice attended the University of Western Ontario. She left university when she married her husband James Munro. Alice moved to Vancouver with her husband and they opened a book store. Alice began publishing her work in magazines and grew to publishing her own books. She is now 82 years old and lives in Wingham, Ontario. She has four children and is still married. Alice is a Canadian author who writes in English. Alice Munro's work has been described as changing the design of short stories, especially moving forward and backward in time. Alice Munro's short stories are often set in her county of Huron in Southwestern Ontario. Her stories explore human complications in an uncomplicated style. Alice has writen many short stories which are very popular such as Open Secrets, Too much Happiness and The Progress Of Love. Munro's is one of our greatest contemporary writers of fiction. Alice was the first woman awarded "The Nobel Prize In Literatur" since 2009, for her work in 2013.

The story takes place in a small farm town. The story is about a young girl, Edie, who got hired help for Dr. Peebles and his family. One afternoon while the family is away in town, she met Chris Watters, a pilot who travels from town to town giving rides in his plane for a fee. Edie fell in love with him, but soon after found out that he is engaged to another woman, Alice Kelling. Alice is crazy and had been following Chris everywhere in hopes of sex. One day while Alice, Mrs. Peebles and the children were away on a picnic Edie went to Chris's campsite to talk with him. He told her that he plans on leaving, but promised to write to her. They kissed and he leaves town. When the other women heard gossip that Chris had left, Alice Kelling threatened Edie for mistaking that Edie and Chris had sex. Mrs. Peebles protected Edie, and Alice soon left...
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