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how i learn best

Topics: Learning, Study skills, Psychology, Educational psychology, Knowledge, Intelligence / Pages: 2 (710 words) / Published: Apr 22nd, 2014
Ashwin George
EAP 1540
How I learn best How I Learn Best Don Harold, an American writer, once wrote, "The brighter you are, the more you have to learn". I strongly believe in this statement because knowledge will help us to succeed in life. Every day we are learning new things, but sometimes learning can be very difficult. Learning can be made easier through various ways; though everyone has their own unique ways of learning. Visual learning, auditory learning, and learning from my mistakes are the three ways I learn best in my life. One of the ways I learn best is through visualization by seeing and observing things. For example, when I read a textbook I always highlight the important key words because it helps me to catch my attention when I do revision before each exam. Also, I usually create an outline to minimize the large context of paragraph and to guide me in classifying the important information. Another way of visual learning is by watching videos of the subjects. For instance, when I study marine biology, I like to watch videos about plants and animals that live in the sea; because the videos help me to keep the subject in my head. Making flash cards is another way that helps my visual learning. Flash cards explain the definitions in short forms, allowing me to remember the function of body parts when I study anatomy and physiology. In addition, flash card helps me to point out the important materials in each chapter. I study new vocabulary words on colored index cards with short definitions on the back, and I carry those with me to review them at odd moments or whenever I have spare time. Moreover, visual learning helps me to memorize and store more materials in my brain. For example, when my friend and I study together for a biology test, I exercise my visual methods while my friend memorizes everything. When results come, I score more points than my friend does. Another way I learn well is through auditory learning. To illustrate, I try to concentrate and be more attentive to what the teacher says in class, for it helps me to learn things while I am in the class room. Also, I record my class lectures and listen them while exercising, so I can utilize my time appropriately and help me to remember. Listening to the radio helps me to learn the English language while I am driving. For instance, there are different radio stations that provide up-to-date news. Just by listening to the radio I can learn new words and get an idea about what is going on around the world. When I hear a new song couple of times, I can sing it without looking at the lyrics because it is already saved in my brain through listening; the same method works with reading books out loud helps me to memorize materials quickly. In addition, study groups are the best place I go for auditory learning because I can hear different ideas from different students. Learning from mistakes is the final way I preferred to learn. When I make mistakes, instead of discouraging myself, I find ways to support my learning process. For example, I used to be a rushed driver, but last year I earned a speeding ticket. After this incident I learned my lesson, and now I am driving at the correct speed limit. Also, I accept my mistakes as a part of the learning process. I believe success only comes from mistakes. In my case it is extremely accurate because last year I failed my Earth and Space class due my laziness and I regret it. Last semester, I took the same class again, studied harder, and I successfully passed the class with an A average. In addition, when I make a correction in my homework, I learned to do not repeat the same mistake. Throughout my personal experience in life, I believe mistakes act as an opportunity to learn. In conclusion, learning is an integral and vital to succeed in life. Visual learning, auditory learning and learning from mistakes are the three ways I learn best in my life. Using those three ways I can make learning easy and simple.

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