How I Deal With Emergencies

Topics: First aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Artificial respiration Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: January 6, 2015
 “How I deal with emergencies”

1. Explain what to do if your colleague suffers a deep cut it spurns bright red blood.  Shout and call, or have someone call a first aid specialist. Ask the colleague to sit down. Check the wound, get a large bandage for the cut or simply press the wound and keep elevated the affected limb then check the colleague’s breathing and circulation and apply psychological methods to calm the colleague until the first aider comes.

2. Explain what to do if the fire alarm sounds.
Isolate, stop the machine (if any was being used) only if it’s safe. Leave the building by the nearest safe exit/emergency route without using the lifts and closing the doors behind me. Go to the designated assembly points and wait there for the person in charge.

3. Explain what to do if you find a small easily managed fire. Check the magnitude of the fire if it’s spreading fast or is blocking the only escape route and try to classify what is on fire, wood, paper and plastics or flammable combustibles, liquids, gasoline, paint… or if it’s an electric fire or if it’s any kind of combustible metal such as magnesium. Then grab the correct extinguisher quickly as possible. For wood, paper, cloth or plastic a Water Extinguisher should be used. For flammable combustibles use Foam Extinguisher. For an electric fire use Dry Powder or C02 Extinguisher. And finally for combustible metals C02 too, also a fire blanket could help. Once we’ve got the correct extinguisher we must pull the pin, aim the extinguisher nozzle at the base of the flames, squeeze the trigger holding the extinguisher upright and sweep it from side to side covering the area of fire. Then leave the area.

4. Explain what to do if your colleague is suddenly violently dragged into a machine. Isolate the machine immediately, push the emergency stop button. Check how important is the entanglement and depends on this shout for help or call 555 dial for the first...
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