How I Changed

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How I Have Changed
Brianna Johnson
4rd Block
October 23, 2014
In this year I think I have changed quite a lot. I believe that I really have changed for the better, and became a better person. I have not changed as much as I wanted to but I have changed just enough for this year. My attitude has changed, I am more trusting with a better social life, and overall my whole life has changed. I use to have the worst attitude in the world. I would always be mean to people and rude. I do not know why I was like that but I always was for some reason. I never noticed it though, but people would tell me I had an attitude. My mom use to tell me I had a nasty attitude all the time, but I never thought so. Once I really started listening to myself and seeing how I reacted to things, I noticed what people were talking about. I did not like it at all, so I decided that I was going work on that because it was not cute at all. I started working on my attitude this year and I really have improved. I hardly get told I have an attitude anymore or that I am being rude. I use to be anti-social and not willing to get to know new people. It was not that I did not like new people it was just I did not trust them. I felt like I had lost friends because of betrayal and mistrust that if I let anyone new in that they would do the same thing. I soon had to realize that, that was not the case because everyone is not alike. Also I realized that I did not want to be old with no friends at all and that I had to start trusting people again and becoming more social. So I have become more social and I talk to more people than I have ever talked to before. This year I even made a new best friend because I let that mistrust guard down and now I feel like I can trust her with anything. Overall my whole entire life has changed. This past year I found out that I have a little sister and she has changed me a lot. Ever since I found out about my little sister I have tried to become a better...
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