How I as a Young Educator Justify the Use of Technology in the Classroom.

Topics: Education, Digital native, Interactive whiteboard Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: May 4, 2013
How I as a young educator justify the use of technology in the classroom. Technology claims a large stake in the social and educational lives of today’s students. Therefore it seems only natural to integrate technology into the classroom. “Since students already know how to use this technology, why not use it to teach” (Draper, 2007) According to Mark Prensky (Digital natives digital immigrants, 2001) “the average college graduate has spent less than 5,000 hours reading but over 10,000 hours playing video games”. “Computer games, email, the internet, cell phones and instant messaging are integral parts of this generations lives (Prensky, M., 2001). “ On average students in a class room only get to ask a question once every 10 hours” (Grasser & Pearson, 1994), but have access to online learning materials such as Google 100% of the time. Just those facts alone make integration of technology into classrooms a necessity. The use of digital learning materials is student directed, they cater to different learning styles and speeds, allow for collaboration between not only the student, teacher and other class members but of those from all around the world, it allows students to, communicate with one another, express themselves, be creative and learn at their own pace. There are many opportunities’ and methods for digital learning such as wikis, blogs, search engines, pod casts, interactive white boards and many more, the possibilities for learning are endless. But in saying this one must also be careful in their integration of digital learning into the classroom and be sure that the principals of learning and development are applied in conjunction with technology. When used intentionally and appropriately digital learning is an effective tool and plays a large part in learning and development, however if not used in the correct manor it could be quiet detrimental in the sense that it could be used passively (especially in the early years of education) or abused...

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