How a Storm saved my life

Topics: Coming out, English-language films, LGBT Pages: 3 (1279 words) Published: November 13, 2013

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13 November 2013

How a Storm saved my life

On a very cold December morning in 2003, while cooking breakfast for my family. I heard this tiny meow coming from my front door. I opened the door and there was a tabby cat that looked no more than 4 weeks old. I tried a first to shoo away the pesky animal, and it left for a minute. A few minutes later I heard a meow coming from the back door by the kitchen, by this time my three boys were awake and wanted to play with the kitten. Not knowing if it had any diseases or not my wife decided to put it in our bathroom until we could get it to the veterinary office at the end of the weekend to have him checked. On Monday my wife and I take the kitten to the veterinary office to get him checked out. While she was having the kitten checked out I went across the street to check out the pound where they have all of the abandoned animals for adoption. I walked through the kennel and all the dogs started to go crazy, barking, jumping and yelping. All except one that sat mid cage and just stared at me, as if to melt my heart. Knelling down next to the cage and calling to the dog, she still just looked at me as if she wanted to make sure that we would be good together. Needless to say the dog had melted my heart and I wanted her for my boys since I was going to deploy soon and figured they would need something to keep them occupied while I was gone. I asked the clerk when would the dog be available to adopt the Blue Healer in cage 5. The clerk told me that the dog had a 2 more days on her grace period before anyone could adopt her. The clerk also let me know that I was not the only one interested in the dog and that it was first come first serve and that the pound opens at 7am. After returning to the veterinary office to see how my wife was doing, she asked me if we could adopt the kitten since he adopted us by coming to our house. I said yes and asked if we could adopt a dog. My wife...
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