How Youth/I Can Make a Difference in Singapore

Topics: Singapore, Cleanliness, Future Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: April 20, 2013
When you see rubbish on the floor, what do you do? Will you pick it up, or will you leave it there and walk away. Of course, most people will tell you that they would pick it up, but how many of them would actually do that? Sadly there are not many people in our country who bothers themselves to do so. “Leave it to the cleaners! If Singapore so clean right, then the cleaners no need work ready!” Most Singaporeans will reply when they are asked to pick up rubbish that they see on the floor. Cleaners are of course here to help keep our country clean, but that doesn’t mean that we can be irresponsible for our country’s cleanliness. However, if this irresponsible act continues for another ten or twenty years, our future generations will be badly affected. Besides having to walk on a dirty street, they would also be faced with tables littered with leftover food and rubbish at hawker centres. The government can employ more cleaners, but that is definitely not the best way to solve this problem. To prevent this from happening, we must take action quickly before it gets worst. Being part of the younger generation in Singapore, I feel that the people of my age are just in the right age group to start cultivating good habits and setting good examples for our younger generations. We can start by being polite. Saying “thank you”, “good afternoon”, “how are you” or other greetings to others can definitely brighten their day. Other than that, we can give up our seats in public transport to people in need. Recently, there is also a new trend of “choping” food for the needy which originally started by purchasing suspended coffee in Naples. Besides, that we can do CIP (Community Involvement Program) to bring joy to others and touch their lives. We can also print out flyers and stick them on notice boards to inform people about why it is important to be gracious and considerate. Lastly, I can set a good example by leading a righteous life. Hopefully, others will see my effort to...
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