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How Your Tone and Writing Style Change

By pastorangela Jan 07, 2009 261 Words
How will your tone, or writing style, change based on the different types of people you will be communicating with online? Consider family, friends, classmates, and instructors in your response I believe my tone and writing style will change considerably when speaking family, friends, classmates and instructors. The reason why it will change is because I have learned that some jargons can be offensive, using words that relates to a person sex, age and the like can also be offensive to others. I have also learned that my tone is very important. How people receive what I am saying is al based on the words that is used. I have a personality that can appear to be very aggressive, assertive, and straight forwarded, and in knowing that I have to ensure that my tone is very warm and professional; even when I am speaking to friends, family members. The better we know the people we are communicating with, the more adequate and clear our writing and or tone of our communication will be. I also realize that in an online environment I have to maintain that same warm and professional expression. I try to use a tone that is appropriate for the conversation in which I am engaged in. Being a Pastor it is very important for me to ensure that my tone is always considered of other. Therefore; I must always keep in mind regardless of who I am writing to ensure that we are not being offensive in our conversation. You never know who will read your writings.

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