How Your Company's Brand Affects Its Success

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How your company’s brand affects its success.
A closer look at the Intel Inside case study, iPhone 5, B2B positioning, and Brand Equity.|

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Branding can single handedly bring a company from the bottom to the top. Look at powerhouse companies like Intel and Apple. It pertains to an industry where a smart marketing plan allowed them to become a fortune 500 company. Like the Intel Inside case study, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had faced the challenges of dealing with the consumer. A brand that created the personal computer but saw a steep upcoming against power house company, Microsoft, relied on its brand equity to rescue them. Background

I chose to write about the Intel Inside case, because I am not only a fan of technology, but the industry is always changing, growing towards new innovation. I am also a fan of Apple and the iPhone. I thought it would be a relevant to talk about Apple’s latest release, the iPhone 5. Much like Intel, Apple has built its brand on safety, reliability, new technology, and being innovative. Apple has done an outstanding job creating so much awareness around its brand, that it almost has every consumer believing that its products are the only way to go. It is also a great opportunity to understand the effects of long-term success of proper brand incorporation. These articles and concepts were chosen in order to show the importance of positioning and brand equity, and how business to business marketing can affect a company’s sustainability. Intel Analysis

In 1968, Intel’s initial focus was on developing semiconductor memory for mainframe computer and minicomputers. 40 years later, Intel is now a leader supplier in CPU chips for mobile and desktop computers. During the upcoming of Intel’s branding strategy, they were aimed to educate both the retail sales associates and the consumers about the value of Intel microprocessors, and to explain to them the difference between the microprocessor (Moon, 2005).” At that time their product wasn’t different from the rest. With this strategy Intel was able to create a brand that is now used by hundreds of OEM’s and consumers around the world. Intel also focused on the quality and reliability of microprocessors, achieving confidence in the end consumer. Developing a strategic solution they were also able to achieve brand equity in 3 steps: brand logo in advertisements of OEMs, engaging OEMs in which they will be in a profitable position by using Intel, and creative advertisements to create awareness about the important and superiority of Intel chips (also known as Red X). With the success of the strategy Intel was able to breaking into the list of the top 10 most valuable brands (Moon, 2005). Apple (iPhone 5) Analysis

Started in 1976, Apple Inc. has maintained a unique image with a stunning modern design, appealing usability and durability to which has lead the Apple brand to be one of the world’s most valuable (Baxter, 2011). The man behind the vision, known as Steve Jobs was a great visionary, inspirational leader and influential CEO. Jobs always had a strong passion for marketing; creating his business right out of his garage which he was able to launch the Apple brand into one of the largest in the world. Marketing was a very key component in the success to his company because his vision was unique. He wanted to create awareness for the brand, not by the technology that they have created, but by the core values that were instilled by the company will evidently change the world for the better. Introduced in June of 2007, Apple had launched its newest product, the iPhone. Revolutionizing the world, it had single handed in the past four years taken a company that was struggling, to becoming the world’s most profitable company (The Globe and Mail, 2012). The...

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