how would i like to be remembered

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How will I be remembered? This a subject that I’ve thought about a lot during my life. How do I want to be remembered? In my youth I wanted to be remembered as a hero of historic proportions, a man who people looked up to as I had looked up to my childhood heroes. A man whose strenth and deeds of daring would live forever.

Later, in my teens, I realized that being considered heroic probably wasn’t everything it was made out to be. I had started to realize that many of my childhood heroes had feet of clay and really weren’t all that different from the people I saw everyday. They weren’t perfect and really weren’t larger than life. Although I still admired many of the people I had previously looked up to, particularly those who had played a part in the history of the United States, my desires had changed. I had learned to love the printed word and the ability to write. By the time I graduated high school, I wanted to be remembered as the man who wrote the “Great American” novel. I had even written my first book, though I turned coward at the thought of sending it to numerous publishers in an attempt to get it published. It was my baby, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to face possible rejection on a massive scale.

So, now that I’m a grandfather, how do I want to be remembered today? First, I want to be remembered as a Christian man. A man who tried consciously to live his beliefs. Not through my words alone; but in the way I treated people, and the example I set for my children, grandchildren and others. I hope I’ve taught them compassion, integrity, honor, truthfulness, and the desire to always treat others as they want others to treat them. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life and would never attempt to convince anyone that I’ve been perfect. But, I do hope that I’ve tried to show that I try to live according to the things I believe and have learned from the Bible.

I also want to be remembered as a loving husband and father. Someone who, for the most part,...
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