How Would I Like to Be Remembered?

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LaToya Johnson
Describe the best day of your life
The best day of my life was September of 2010 when I got engaged to my fiancé. Before he came into my life I was headed towards destruction. Him coming into my life was the most joyful thing in my life besides family. Being engaged to him makes my heart skip a beat. His children make me feel like I’m they biological mother all the time.

When my fiancé and his children came into my life it was like god sent me heaven from above. Being with them and starting a family is something I always wanted and he gave it to me.Everything about him has made my life very joyful, especially through everything I’ve been through. When he proposed to me, it made my body quiver and my heart skip multiply beats. During this time in my life we are committed to our love and children so that we can prosper in life.

Our children have made our relationship stronger and care for more things in life besides ourselves. The relationship get’s stronger and stronger everyday by us coming together and making it work. With every second and every minute goes by that we don’t talk to each other it’s like we know what each other is feeling even when we’re not around each other. Clifton E. Nixon is the best thing that came into my life because, he show’s me what a true relationship is and the way that you suppose to love, honor, respect and protect your relationship against all odds. I love this man with all my heart & soul and I wouldn’t trade him for nobody in the world beside’s my lord and saver.

September 2010 will always be the best day of my life because, that’s the day god sent me someone that was equal to me and enjoy the same things in life I do. We have a special bond that can never be broken unless we break it. Whenever people see us they always tell us that we were meant for each other and we always say yes we our cause it was love at first site. Also it’s the best day of my life because we also found out...
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