How Would You Measure the Business Performance of Each Store Using the Sales Data

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How would you measure the business performance of each store using the sales data? On information only gives the units sold and the unit cost can know how much each store sold per month in the city and we can analyze what is the store that has the most sales for a determined period of time. But in order to make a deeper analysis we need to know the cost of the product. What data is missing in the data to measure business efficiency? Cost of the product, and general costs.

Now doing analytical work with the data using pivot tables in Excel, respond to the following: What is the best performing region?
The eastern region, is where most sales have

What is the store with the best performance?

Candiles is the store whit the best performance

Which are the 2 most popular products in terms of units sold? Desktop CPU is the most popular product and the second pc mouse

Which are the 2 products with the highest money sales?
The 2 products are; the highest desktop CPU and de second one the 17” monitor

The following 3 graphs are optional:

(optional) Show a graph with sales per month in units. Do the same graph but now using sales money. Do you see the same business cycle? Not, the graphic it’s different but de sales per moth are the same Objectives

Maintain sales at stores san Pablo and candiles, giving more promotion to monitors and pc mouse. Investigating if it is a management problem or by the market and make a good solution.

In Tejeda Alamos and increase sales with promotions, discounts, and in Corregidora, el centro and satelite as well.

Make an investigation in corregidora, el pueblito y el centro , and and solve problems, depends of case.

Business strategy

Make a market research to find out what is that costumers really want. Make an audit or internal investigation to see if you can improve sales processes, inventory or that any problem that can be solved or can be improved.
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