How Would Violation of Software License Agreements Affect Different Areas of Life/Economy, Business, Personal and Legal?

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What did I learn from The “My Resources” activity? What is my next step? This activity made me realize what my current needs are and that there are many different resources to help me meet those needs. . My next step is to utilize all of my different resources to meet my current needs, so that I can succeed in my goals and life. My current needs are to be successful in completing my schooling, so that I can provide for my family and to be able to afford to complete my studies. The resources available to help me be successful in completing my schooling include my personal support system from my family and/or friends, the support system through the school from my teachers and student advisers and self-control and motivation. The resource available to help me afford to complete my studies is financial aid. Financial aid offers me grants and loans to help cover the cost of my classes and the material necessary for those classes. My next step to be successful in completing my schooling is to keep a positive attitude and not down myself or say that I cannot do it. If I get to feeling like I cannot take it anymore then I need to utilize my support systems. The next step I need to do to have self-control and motivation is good time managing skills. I need to stay on task and not let other things going on interfere with my studies. The next step in financial aid is to complete my student financial aid application every year, so that I can be awarded my financial aid to cover for my schooling until I graduate. The “My Resources” activity was a very good experience for me. It brought a lot of resources to my attention that I didn’t even know were there. I plan on using these resources not only during school but for the rest of my life. Thanks for taking your time to read about my opinion of “My Resources” activity.
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