How women are presented as victims in A

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How women are presented as ‘victims’ in both the novels, An Inspector Calls and Of Mice and Men Two characters that could be portrayed as victims of society are Curley’s wife from ‘’Of Mice and Men’’ and Eva Smith from ‘’An Inspector Calls’’. Both characters are really similar to each other; they are young and both wanting a better life. Eva Smith lost both parents and lost her last two jobs because her boss thrown her just because she argued for a bigger pay for the workers who puts in so much effort. Gerald helped her with everything but Gerald chose Sheila instead, because she was richer. Eva had no choice as she was pregnant and she couldn’t get a job so she killed herself in a dramatic way. Curley’s wife was also young but she had her mother, but she had to run away from her mother, because she knew her mother had hidden a letter from Hollywood. She got away and found Curley who she married to, and ended up living on a ranch with Curley as his wife. She is lonely there, and she tried to find someone she could talk to which led her to her death.

Curley’s wife was young and lived with her mother before living with Curley on a ranch. Her dream was to become an actress in Hollywood to become a star on film and everyone wants to meet and talk to her, she wanted to be famous. Curley's wife married him to get away from her mother who she thinks has ruined her chance of becoming a famous Hollywood actress. Curley's wife met a man who was "in the shows" at the local dance palace. The man told Curley's wife he could get her on the show but her mother said no because ‘’she was too young’’. Later, Curley's wife met a man who said he was from Hollywood and could get her into pictures. The man said he would write when he returned to Hollywood. Since she never heard from the man, Curley's wife assumes her mother kept the letter. She confronted her mother, who denied keeping the letter from her. That same night Curley's wife met him at the dance palace and married him...
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