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How will your personal faith and beliefs contribute to Liberty’s mission to develop Christ- centered leaders?

By sweetkisslove Oct 17, 2013 312 Words

My personal faith and beliefs will contribute to Liberty’s mission to develop Christ- centered leaders in a number of ways. I am very passionate about worship and discipleship. I see my purpose in life as a chance to change lives through worship and discipleship, and to obey the calling that God has on my life. I believe it is my duty as a child of God to be the hands and feet of Christ no matter where that may lead me.

I am passionate about worship because worship is a devotion, it is my heart cry, worship is the place where I really found God and fell in love with Him. It is where I feel closest to Him, I can express myself freely to God and He understands everything my heart tries to say. Worship for me is a battle. It is praying with a tune, it is standing in the gap for someone and calling them, out of darkness, into the light. It is pouring everything you have at the altar and surrendering to the Father, it is allowing the Father to draw near and consume your very being. Worship is pure, worship is love.

Discipleship is extremely important to me because I want to be someone who embraces and assists in spreading God’s teaching to others, to help empower people to know, deeply and wholeheartedly, their God given gifts; to help them know that God has created them in His image that He has a plan for their life. I will combine with Liberty’s mission and my personal faith and beliefs to contribute a well thought out plan to enable each student to reach their goal in serving Christ and worshipping. My mission is the same as Liberty’s mission to help develop christ- centered leaders, through my worship, discipleship, and the full armor of God.

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