How Weather Effects People

Topics: Climate, Weather, Rain Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: March 15, 2012

How weather effects peoples lives and activities. Weather, is the day to day change in conditions including the changes in the atmosphere, these changes include temperature, levels of precipitation, wind speed, wind direction and the change in air pressure. These measurements are usually taken and recorded at least once a day. Weather is the day-to-day changes in Earths atmospheric conditions. Climate, is the average conditions for an area or country recorded over a long period of time like 30 years or more, examining the data recorded it is possible to see patterns or trends these become known as the climate. Any place on earth does therefore have its own daily weather and its own longer term average conditions or climate. By examining the records it is possible to identify trends etc which become known as the seasons identified by the combination of the weather patterns. Particular weather hazards like Tornados or Hurricanes follow seasonal patterns. Known as climatic classification the climate data from round the world is used to divide the globe into climate zones. Climate and weather are both very powerful forces in the world, human activity is closely linked to the yearly patterns of climate especially in countries or regions where the people rely on farming both for food and for a living. Problems begin to arise when people live in weather extremes e.g. in areas of desert the rainfall is so varied during the year who will need to adapt to the climate. Weather affects human activity on a day-to-day basis whether it is as simple as a few spots of rain meaning people not having to water their gardens or whether it is a tornado ripping through a town causing huge amounts of damage the weather affects peoples day-to-day lives. Human activity covers a variety of things, -Farming -Communication -Settlement -Holidays and recreation. The weather conditions can effect the day-to-day lives of and have an impact on them. Farming is always...
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