How Was the Colonization of the Americas More of a Economic Reason That Religious?

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, British Empire, United States Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: August 31, 2010
“A community is a group of people who live in the same area and work together towards a common goal and share common interest.” With the lack of that specific quality in a community it will eventually experience struggle, disputes, and in the end separate and become independent. Economy was definitely a cause to disputes and struggle which validated that the economy was a major part in the idea of settlements in North America. Many clashes in North America were caused by religious concerns but economic concerns certainly exceeded the religious concerns that developed. Colonial life was influenced by economic concerns during and till the very end of the British colonial era in North America. Economic concerns of the British caused them to seek more and more of North America. The impact of the numerous explorations started when one explorer spread the news of more land with economic advantages. When the Europeans were exposed to the new land, consumers and distributors were so anxiously eager to find a way to get to North America. Searching and seeking for gold, Spanish conquistadores started their journey across the Caribbean leading to the American continents in the 1500s. “A big migration of numerous people impacted Europe when an economic depression had hit the woolen trade in the late 1500s.” Thousands of farmers, beggars, and people of unemployment left Europe in search of markets and the hope of a new life. With people in hunger for an opportunity to make profit and start fresh, religious was the last thing on their minds. Out of all the thirteen colonies, seven American colonies were formed for economic motives. The first English settlement was in Jamestown, Virginia. The purpose of settlement was not a religious one; the colony was viewed as a way to expand trade. John Rolfe introduced tobacco to the Virginia colony. This led to a tobacco rush. With food as a desire for the colonists it suddenly changed to the desire for more land in which to plant...
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