How Victor's Parents Tutelage Affected How Role as a Father

Topics: Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein, Frankenstein's monster Pages: 3 (1268 words) Published: December 15, 2005
The family is a very important staging point in the lives of children. The role of the parents is to inspire and guide their children's young and easily manipulated minds and set them on the right paths to become active and productive members of society. When this important role isn't performed to the best of the parents' ability, then their children have the potential to become "menaces" to the society they live in; their children will also pass on this fault to their offspring. This was what happened in Frankenstein. The negligence of Victor Frankenstein's parents towards Victor influenced his future role in society and caused Victor to be unprepared for when he had his own "child".

Victor Frankenstein was born into a prominent family in Geneva, Switzerland. After the death of his best friend, Victor's father married his daughter, Caroline Beaufort. So there was a significant difference between their ages. This may have contributed to the faults that they failed to correct in young Victor. The lure of a young, beautiful woman by Victor's father, and the attraction of Victor's mother to her protector created a special love between them, "…this circumstance seemed to unite them only in them only closer in the bonds of devoted affection." (Frankenstein 18) Young Victor also noticed this separate love that they shared only between themselves.

This separate love of theirs even incited Victor to tell Robert Walton, in the telling of his tale, that he was their "plaything and their idol" (Frankenstein 19). The definition of an idol is an image of perfection, usually in the form of a god, which is worshipped and is an object (Agnes). An idol is not something that can be loved, nurtured, or guided. The implied meaning of an idol is that it is something that should be looked up to. To be a child and to be viewed perfect is a very dangerous thing. This means that there aren't values which parents can teach you to show you the right from the wrong,...
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