How Uniqlo Develop the China Market by E-Commerce Through Taobao.Com

Topics: Electronic commerce, Retailing, Marketing Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: February 5, 2010
How UNIQLO develop the China market by E-commerce through Give a brief overview of the case and why the group picked it: Uniqlo has been entered into China market since 2002 and there has nine retail shops in 2005. Unfortunately, she was not successful to run the business since later on two shops was closed. It showed that the low price strategy which she was using is not appropriate for her to growth in China. In view of the results, Uniqlo was finding ways to capture the huge potential in Chinese market. Hence, they’ve been partnered with to start their e-business on the internet afterwards. So we’re going to explore why they’re being so successful by partnering with them, what they could do more to gain the market share and how the situation of their competitors is. Identify its business/market/products/services and if online or not at this time UNIQLO Hong Kong, Limited is a click-and-mortar organization. Its parent company is Fast Retailing Co. Ltd from Japan which owns and operates over 680 UNIQLO causal clothing stores in Japan, London, Korea, Shanghai and Beijing, etc.1 They sell high quality clothing with wide color ranges at an affordable price to all customers. They have their own online store as well as collaborated with to sell their products through internet. Hence, this platform is their e-marketplace.

The current situation of e-Business within the case
UNIQLO is using multichannel business model is a click and mortar retailer. Since they have selected as their e-business partner, it has been recorded that within 11days in both the turnover and traffic is equivalent to the sum of all physical stores in China for nine years.2 has been also provided a maintenance service and payment system to UNIQLO’s own on-line stores.2 They are using interorganizational information systems to control and monitor the daily transaction. They have been also demonstrated a typical B2C business...
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