How Underdeveloped Countries Rule Underdeveloped Countires

Topics: World Bank, United Nations, Developed country Pages: 41 (15757 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Part 1:
How developed countries “RULE” the underdeveloped countries….? I being a citizen of an underdeveloped country and a member of a poor nation, have always wondered that why things in our country happen in a certain way? Why decisions and policies of our country are molded in a way which is unpopular among the people of our country? Why the developed countries like United States of America and United Kingdom have every right of interference in our country’s decision making? Why our politicians fear from the US embassy? And why telephone calls from the US and UK are so much important to our politicians and why their media is like “God” to us? On 16 of the march 2009, we had it straight from the US media that President Zardari, turned ‘soft’ only after the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, telephoned him. Sure enough the Pakistani president announced after the call that the government would move to ‘restore’ the judges removed by the military dictator, Pervez Musharraf. Similarly since 1988 when Pakistan became the member of international monetary fund (IMF), every government which takes charge of the country, accepts a loan from the international monetary fund (IMF), this has been an important source to manage the financial problems of the country such as balance of payment deficits, stabilization of currency, rebuilding international reserves, managing liquidity problems etc. but this is not just a financial loan it comes up with an entire set of structural program which is known as “structural adjustment program (SAP)”. SAP is a set of conditions and policies which a country has to strictly follow in order maintain good terms with IMF, these conditions and policies include the close monitoring, reduction of government spending, revision in tax collection policies, change in policy/discount rate etc. The IMF loans greatly impact the economic indicators and bring change in the regulatory framework which have a direct impact on the economy of the country in simple words when you take a loan from IMF you completely give the control of your economy to IMF, which then decides the tax rate and reduction in subsidies and newer prices for many necessities. So this will be the answer to many of you who always question that why oil price in Pakistan rises when in international market it decreases and why government is gradually trying to increase the electricity prices by a heavy percentage. The strangest think as a country we are doing is the war against terrorism, given that we are the country which has suffered the most from the terrorism but it does not count yet we are the biggest terrorist country as declared by the media of west. US after 9/11 did not face any big incident of terrorism similarly UK after 7/7/2005 did not face any noticeable incident of terrorism but still they are the most “threatened” countries of the world and are full “responsible” and “concerned” about the world’s security and that’s why we are spending almost Rs500 billion on our defense in year 2010 to fight a war against terrorism and to keep the “concerned” powerful countries happy and satisfied where as for our own people we are just spending 2.3% on education and 7% on health of the total budget. Well this is only a glimpse of what actually is happening with our country which is unfortunately underdeveloped. It was the winters of 2008, when I with a group of close friends were watching one of the most controversial documentary “Zeitgeist”, this documentary is divided into three parts, part 1 deals with the religions in which it talks how religions are just only myths to gain a social control over the people who follow it, part 2 deals with September the 11 controversy and par3 deals with the new world order theory which mainly talks about a new world order which is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government which replaces sovereign nation states,...
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