How toBest Manage Your Time

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What’s time?
How is it important in our academic performances? Does how we utilize it affect our performance? How can we plan the available time to improve our performance? Time is a resource we have to do things.

Time basics
We can talk of time in:

100 years- 1 century
10 years- 1 decade
1 year- 12 months
1 month- 30 days
1 week- 7 days
1 day- 24 hrs
1 hr- 60 minutes
1 minute- 60 seconds
1millisecond- second

Time can be broadly classified as:
Present- Now. The available time we have. We have to plan and manage it. Future
What we can do now is the only influence we have on our future. Features of time
Non-renewable/ irredeemable
Non elastic/ cannot be stretched or compressed. You have a definite supply of it. No one can reduce or increase it Waits for no one. Time flies

The value/ importance of time
For anything worthwhile to be achieved, huge amount of time has to be invested greatly and intelligently. Think of projects, big and small, being in school, building and construction work(s), tilling land etc. They take time. Success in our academics or in anything in life depends on how we spend our time It increases our productivity. If we plan and manage our time effectively we realize improved performance. Poor management leads to poor academic performance. When we waste time we waste opportunities and achieve very little.

The way you spend your time is a result of the way you see your time and the way you really see your priorities. Stephen R. Covey


Planning and managing time
Why do we need to plan and manage time?
To use the available time optimumly and effectively
To increase our productivity by cutting time wastages
To harness the opportunities we have to...
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