How to Write a Thesis Proposal

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In ordinary terms, your proposal explains what you want to study, how you will study this topic, and why this topic needs to be studied.


•  State the tentative title of your proposal. •  The title should give a clear indication of the topic being studied.

EXAMPLE: From the thesis of Kimberly Manabat

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY: •  It is in this section that you will orient the reader to the problem you seek to solve. •  What is the aim of your study.

EXAMPLE: From the thesis of Kimberly Manabat

Example: (Andrea Cervantes’ thesis) The state of secondary science education in the Philippines in the present is staggeringly low. As such, many organizations and institutes have developed science teaching workshops, which also involved dissemination of science manipulatives such as kits. Yet, many problems arise about using these teaching materials. Many teachers feel intimidated about using these teaching materials. Also, many of them have a hard time including performance of experiments in class. Precious time intended for discussion might be wasted in setting up experiments.

Does a physics manipulative need proper organization and housing to make teachers teaching high school physics efficient?

•  The statement of the problem is what the researcher aims to discover or establish. •  The researcher should write out in simple language just what he proposes to investigate. It may be in the form of: –  a question or questions or a question followed by several sub-questions; –  a declarative statement or series of complete statements; –  a statement followed by a series of questions.

•  State and explain the value of the study and of possible applications resulting from the collection and analysis of data. •  Focus on the benefits of your study and not the research problem.

EXAMPLE: From the thesis of Kimberly Manabat

DEFINITION OF TERMS: •  Describe/define for the reader the exact meaning of all technical terms, words or phrases with special meanings.

•  Research objectives are statements that identify what we want to find out or determine. •  Begin with “The purpose of this study is to...” determine, change, understand, evaluate, understand or analyze the problem. •  State your research objective completely. Remember, it should be some form of investigative activity.

EXAMPLE: From the thesis of Kimberly Manabat

•  The researcher should give a brief summary of the related studies which have already been done, and he must show their relationship to the present proposed research problem. •  Present a critical review of the related research, not just a summary of the findings. Show the relation of the reviewed material to your problem, hypotheses, questions, assumptions, and/or procedures.

Basic elements of a LITERATURE REVIEW: •  Introduction: Gives a quick idea of the topic of the literature review, such as the central theme or organizational pattern.

•  Body: Contains your discussion of sources and is
organized either chronologically, thematically, or methodologically.

•  Conclusions/Recommendations: Discuss what
you have drawn from reviewing literature so far. Where might the discussion proceed? Summarize the major contributions, evaluating the current position, and pointing out flaws in methodology, gaps in the research, contradictions, and areas for further study.

•  The theoretical framework of the study is a structure that can hold or support a theory of a research work. It presents the theory which explains why the problem under study exists. •  When writing a theoretical framework you need to take your different ideas and show how they are related to the theory.

•  A conceptual framework is the researcher’s own position on the problem...
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