How to Write a Report

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How to write a report

After collecting the necessary information from primary and secondary sources, substantial number of visits to select companies / organizations, and administering questionnaire / schedules, if any, the students are advised to sit with their Project Guides for necessary directions on how to analyze the data. Based on the PROJECT GUIDE’S advice you carryout necessary tabulation of data, application of statistical tools, testing of certain hypotheses, and then prepare a plan of chapterisation to prepare a PROJECT REPORT. Your compliance with the following format may enrich the quality of the Report. Chapter I: Background of the Problem under study (Introduction)
(Company Profile/ Industry Trends etc)

This Chapter may contain a brief background of the problem under study starting from Macro economy dimension to micro trends, contemporary developments in the given aspect under study.

Chapter II: Review of Literature
Brief survey of different studies/ Review of Literature on this theme may add richness to the work. For case studies, a brief profile of the company / industry should be given.

Chapter III: Research Methodology
This Chapter should contain the Objectives of the study, Methodology and Sample selection, Research Design, Period of the study, sources of data, tools of data collection, Statistical analysis, broad hypothesis put for testing, limitations, etc. Further, the technical terms used in the study, a priori relationships expected between the variables, Models intended to be developed / tested are to be specified in this chapter.

Chapter IV Empirical Results / Data analysis & Discussion
This chapter should contain a logical presentation of the empirical results after completing the data analysis. Chapter should contain neatly tabulated results, results of Hypothesis tests, graphs and figures, if any, along with necessary interpretation. A comparison of results with earlier studies may add novelty

Bibliography: Every Project work should contain a list of books consulted in the above given topic, Research Reports, list of research articles and popular academic articles published in different journals be documented in standard pattern. It is also better to mention about the websites referred for the secondary sources of materials. Annexure: Every Project Report should contain necessary annexure wherein the proforma of Questionnaire / Schedule should be enclosed in original. Further, if any annual reports, research reports are used as supporting documents, they may be enclosed here. The large database collected by the students may be enclosed (preferably as CD) in the Annexure of the Research Report. Subject matter organized as above has to be neatly typed (with one and half line space) and submitted in hard bound / spiral bound form. Please type only one side of the page. Use only A4 size paper and the report may be with in the range of 100 -150 pages COVER PAGE AND CERTIFICATES: The Cover page of the Report must contain the Title of the Report, identity particulars of the student, name, Enrolment number, etc. A proforma of the same is given in your Research methodology materials. Every Project Report should contain a declaration by the student stating that this said report has not formed part of any other title / diploma and the work is done by candidate himself by adopting the necessary standard methodologies under the close supervision of Project Guide. Further, the Project Guide should also give a separate bonofide Certificate on his/her letter head stating that the said work is original and the candidate has done under his/her supervision. P.S:- If you have availed of any of the following courses i.e. 1) GDM 2) MMS 3) MIB 4) MBA-4 Sem 5) DMS and 6) CCA , it is compulsory to submit the “Project Report” along with the answer sheets of Final Semister of the course taken by you.

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