How to Write a Game Treatment Document

Topics: Video game genres / Pages: 4 (878 words) / Published: Feb 23rd, 2011
Title Page
By Brandy Wright
October 31, 2010

Classified: A Covert Affair
Vigilante Ex-cop on a mission who won’t stop until his name is cleared.
Godfather meets MaxPayne and Ninja Gaidon.

Executive Summary * Classified is an exciting new adventure/ action FPS game from Franchasie Entertainment. With a compelling and authentic storyline, Classified combines real-world combat with martial arts against the real villains of everyday life. * Mission briefing with cut scenes throughout the game to tell you what needs to be accomplished giving information player will find useful later in the game. * The game includes payoffs or attaboys in the form of visual sequences like bridges or buildings blowing up as the hero jumps to safety. * Character journeys that manifest themselves in both story and gameplay. * Game includes in-your-face narratives that help the player understand the rules of the game also serving as a way to help establish player expectations. * Rewards in the game are plentiful with resources, power-ups, information letting you know where you can find certain characters throughout the game, You will need to collect certain keys to get in and out of buildings and get through levels throughout the game. You can level up your character with skills while gaining new abilities throughout the game. * Score is always important seeing a number lets you have a standard objective you can measure your progress against. *

Game overview
Godfather meets MaxPayne meets Ninja Guidan
A vigilante ex-millitary police Lt for NYPD, an expert in martial arts and gun malee and explosives is a man on a mission. After being set up by his fellow comrades he is on a mission to clear his name and take down the bad guys. 1 year ago he started to notice some things were not right on a case he was working on. Coworkers within his agency were caught up in political and government scheme of mayhem. Conspiracies were happening all around

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